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It’s that time again!  We had a great year of Texas/Red Dirt music and now it’s time for you to let us know who your favorites were!  Here at Texas Music Pickers we focus primarily on the the up-and-comers, so all of our awards are limited to artists with under 15K Facebook likes.

Here’s how the voting will work this year. The winner will be selected by a combination of the Fan Vote and Judge’s Vote. Fans will get one vote in each category and voting will end on December 30th, at midnight.  We will also have some of our friends from the industry (radio PD’s, professional songwriters, talent buyers, studio musicians, producers, etc…) weigh in and vote as well.  We’ll then take the ranking of the fan vote and the ranking of the judge’s vote, average them together and announce the winners at the beginning of next week!  

We’re also offering our blog subscribers one additional vote this year, click here for more details.


New Comer of the Year

The Gibbonses 


These guys came out of nowhere this year!  They put out a really powerful album “Among the Rubble”, had some good radio success, and have a really solid social media following!  They have a lot of energy, and a unique sound that makes them stand out immediately!  This duo has a lot of buzz going on right now, and we’re excited to see what next year holds!

1st Place: The Gibbonses 28 points *Fan Vote (fan vote acted as a tie-breaker)

2nd Place: Kaitlin Butts – 28 points

3rd Place: Read Southall – 27 points

*Kody West – Industry Winner

*Corey Hunt  – TMP Winner


EP of the Year

Shotgun Rider – Whirlwind


These guys put out 3 really good EP’s this year, and Whirlwind was our favorite!  These guys have a fantastic sound, and this EP demonstrates every bit of talent they have!  If you’re looking for top-notch vocals and smooth sound, look no further!  They reached over 1 million total streams on Spotify, and have a rapidly growing fanbase.  They will undoubtedly have a BIG 2017!

1st Place: Shotgun Rider – 25 points *Fan Vote (fan vote acted as a tie-breaker)

2nd Place: Kody West – 25 points *Industry Winner

3rd Place: Dustin Sonnier – 24 points

*Troy Cartwright – TMP Winner


Female Vocalist of the Year

Kaitlin Butts


Kaitlin Butts was one of the buzzed about female artists this year!  She gained a lot of industry recognition, and played some really BIG shows this year.   She grew a really big social media following and is killing it Spotify! She’s lovable, talented, and unpredictable and we can’t wait to see what the next 12 months hold for her! Her next project will have A LOT of eyes (and ears) on it! 

1st Place: Kaitlin Butts 30 points *Fan Vote

2nd Place: Kimberly Dunn 29 points *Industry Winner

3rd Place: Jackie Pock 25 points

*Jackie Darlene – TMP Winner


Male Vocalist of the Year

Koe Wetzel


We’ve been high on the Koe Wetzel bandwagon for a long time, but it seems like this year they finally got some of the recognition they deserved.  They put out a KILLER album, “Noise Complaint” and tore up the road!  These guys had a huge year, and their energetic live shows are captivating audiences all over Texas and Oklahoma!  Expect 2017 to be another BIG year for this fantastic band!

1st Place: Koe Wetzel – 32 points *Fan Vote (fan vote acted as tie-breaker)

2nd Place: Zack Kibodeaux – 32 points

3rd Place: Logan Samford – 28 points *TMP Winner

*Matt Boggs – Industry Winner


Single of the Year

Flatland Cavalry – One I Want


Flatland Cavalry’s first number 1, “One I Want”, was a massive hit for this fast-rising band!  It was recognized by the CDXTraction chart as the #1 most spun single this year!  With the huge success of this single, we feel confident that many more are on their way!

1st Place: Flatland Cavalry – One I Want – 32 Points *Fan Vote

2nd Place: Parker McCollum – All Day – 30 Points (Fan vote acted as tie-breaker)

3rd Place: Dustin Sonnier – Whiskey Makes Her Miss Me – 30 Points *TMP Winner

*Troy Cartwright – Industry Winner


Album of the Year

Flatland Cavalry – Humble Folks


It’s hard to remember an album that made such a big splash by a virtually unheard of band at the time.  The album went all the way up to #2 on the iTunes chart, and lead to signing with major booking and management.  It appeared on many of the industry’s end-of-year lists, and topped several!  This was easily one of the most buzzed about Texas/Red Dirt albums tis year and their next project will one of the most anticipated records from an up-and-coming artist in a long time!

1st Place: Flatland Cavalry – Humble Folks – 32 points *Fan Vote (fan voted acted as the tie-breaker)

2nd Place: Koe Wetzel – Noise Complaint – 32 points

3rd Place: Ryan Beaver – Rx – 28 points *Industry Winner *TMP Winner


Artist of the Year

Flatland Cavalry 


These guys had an incredible year! They had one of the biggest albums, one of the biggest singles, and played at just about every major venue in Texas this year!  What’s even more impressive, is that they completely transformed the Texas/Red Dirt scene by shedding light on just how powerful a grass-roots fan base can be!  They’ve changed the mold and opened the door for many more up-and-coming Texas/Red Dirt artists and undoubtedly deserve to be Texas Music Pickers Artists of the Year! Congrats guys on a great year!

Flatland Cavalry – 35 Points * Industry Winner *TMP Winner

Koe Wetzel – 34 Points *Fan Vote

Parker McCollum – 29 Points






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