3rd Annual TMP Top Pick Songwriter Competition

We are excited to announce our 3rd Annual Texas Music Picker’s TOP PICK contest, where the grand prize will be $500 cash, the opening slot for the a major headliner at The Tap on 8/31, the opening slot for a Real Life Real Music show,  a recorded single from Hilltrax Studios, and songwriting sessions with award winning singer/songwriter Tony Ramey (George Strait, Alabama, Trisha Yearwood, John Michael Montgomery, & more) and award winning singer/songwriter, Drew Womack who’s written seven top 20 singles since 1996 including Kenny Chesney’s first number one “She’s Got It All”. 

Preliminary rounds will take place on 07/15 and the final rounds will take place on 07/20; both at The Tap in College Station, TX.  Contestants will be graded on three categories: songwriting, vocal ability, and showmanship/performance!  So if you think you’ve got what it takes keep reading!


Helping decide this year’s winner will be:

Submission Info:

Contestants will be asked to submit a YouTube video of them performing a live version of an original song.  The video must have live music and live vocals (nothing prerecorded) and must be an accurate portrayal of what we expect to see in the contest.  While video quality is not important, we must be able to clearly hear the vocals and music.  A phone recording of an acoustic song in the quiet of your living room is perfect! The contestant must currently reside, originally be from, or play a high percentage of shows in Texas and our contest will be geared towards country, Americana, roots, folk, southern rock, or any other genre you would see on the Texas music charts.  Along with the YouTube Video, contestants will be asked to submit their names, a $20 entry fee, and their contact information.

We, along with the help of our talent buyer, songwriter, and industry personnel friends, will then select 20-24 contestants for our competition.  The submission deadline is 06/17 at Midnight and contestants will be notified within 72 hours of their acceptance in to the contest.   Failure to submit entry fee will result in forfeiture of their spot, and another contest will be placed in their spot.  Payment can be made through Paypal to the email address stdscf12@gmail.com or contestants can send a check in the mail to:

Texas Music Pickers

1715 11th Street

Huntsville, TX 77340


Submit your info here!


Day of Show (07/15):

The 20-24 contestants will be placed in two random groups:  A and B.  Group A will check-in at 1PM and play at 3PM.  Group B will check-in at 6PM and play at 8PM

Contestants must play two different ORIGINAL songs. The songs must be no longer than 4 minutes each, it must be no more than 2 performers (only 1 singer & and 1 player), and the contestant must perform all music needed.  Contestants are responsible for providing their own instruments.

Judges will grade contestants on a scale from 1-10 in 3 categories:  Songwriting, Vocal Ability, and Showmanship/Performance. The audience will also be given the chance to vote each round.  The contestant that receives the most amount of audience votes will receive 10 additional points, the contestants receiving the 2nd most audience votes, will receive 9 points, and so on….The amount of audience votes, will also act as the tie-breaker between any two artists with the same score.

The Top 5 scoring contestants from each group will advance to the final round.

Day of Show (07/20):

On 07/20 all final contestants will be asked to arrive by 5:30 PM to check-in and sound check.  The show will begin at 7:30.

Each contestant will perform two different original songs (they cannot be the same two songs as the preliminary round). Contestants will be judged on vocals, songwriting, and showmanship on their original song, and just vocals, and showmanship on their cover for a total of 50 points from each judge (30 points on the original and 20 points on their cover).  The top 3 scoring contestants from the judges, and the contestant who has the highest audience votes of the remaining contestants, will advance.

Each of the 4 remaining contestant will then preform one more original song.   The judge’s will score the song on vocals, songwriting, and showmanship for a total of 30 points from each judge and audience will also get to vote again.  The judge’s points and audience points will be combined and the contestants will then be ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Click the link below to see what the score sheet will look like.

 Texas Music Pickers Top Pick Scoring Sheet


Also, if you or your business is interested in sponsoring our songwriter competition please contact us at TexasMusicPickers@gmail.com for more info!


Submit your info here!



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