Single Spotlight: Dusty Smirl – “Stilettos, Bruises, and Broken Hearts”

dustypic11 (1)Dustry Smirl is back in our Single Spotlight as “Stilettos, Bruises, and Broken Hearts” moves from #76 to #59 this week on the Texas Regional Radio Report.  Smirl wrote the song after reflecting upon his surroundings while playing shows.  He thought it was a decent song, but according to Smirl, once he brought it to friend Reid Schindler “he pushed it over the top with a great bridge idea.”  Smirl gave credit to producer Bart Rose as well, “He suggested a few changes and next thing ya know, it was so much better than I ever imagined it could be”.  He went on to say “I was really hoping I would get a chance to release this one to radio– I think it’s a song about things we all know about.”

This song stood out to Texas Music Pickers due to its unique take on the bar scene and Smirl’s unpretentious style.  No gimmicks, nothing cliché, just good music.  We’ve heard thousands of bar songs, but there’s something admirable about a song that can describe common observations in an original way.  The combination of originality and style made this an easy choice for our Single Spotlight.

This makes the 3rd single released off of his 5 track EP, “Mine for the Mile”.  His last single “Lubbock Lights” made to #25 on the Texas Regional Radio Report, but we think this one has Top 20 written all over it.  He has become one of our favorite pickers from the DFW scene and we’ve heard great things about his live shows.  Dusty Smirl has made a lot of headway already this year, and this single will only amplify his progression.


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Author: Chris Fox

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