[Album Review] End Your Summer with William Clark Green on “Hebert Island”

It’s here, folks! One of the Texas music scene’s most anticipated albums of the year…TMP welcomes you to William Clark Green’s ‘Hebert Island’ out Friday, August 10.

Following the theme of previous releases, ‘Hebert Island’ (pronounced A-Bear) was inspired by Green’s family-owned ranch outside Beaumont, Texas. Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at The Sound Emporium, the album was produced by Benjy Davis and features fourteen tracks all written or co-written by Green.

Green returns with his solid sound mixed with a new dosage of swampy elements and has carefully crafted a variety of tales rooted with personal reflection and family ties. This album is jam-packed with love, heartache, family, culture, and good times all wrapped up to make an exceptional fifth studio album.

WCG gets the “rolling boil” started with the crowd favorite title track, “Hebert Island” and paints the picture of a marshy oasis with the best of Texas and Louisiana culture combined.

With the help of co-writers including Ryan Beaver and Ross Cooper, Green then adds spice to the pot with spiteful gritty tracks such as “Hit You Where It Hurts”, the first track released from the album. The burn lingers with more punchy tracks such as “What about Now” and  “Farewell” sprinkled throughout. “Goner” and “Wings” are notable poetic Americana rockers that make you turn the dial up and sing along!

The 7th track, “Poor”, written with Dalton Domino and Brandon Adams, seasons the listening ear with sweet romantic phrases of living a good ole simple life in spite of the clutter.

“I don’t care for the bills in the mailbox, you don’t care for the cars on the lawn.

It’s you and me in my bed waking up to this mess,

And it feels pretty good being poor…”


“…I know we ain’t got much, but we’re so rich in love

And it feels pretty good being poor”

With country fiddle and Cajun accordion flares plus “na na na’s” from the band and crew in the background, this front porch pickin’ tune showcases the down-to-earth songwriter that is WCG making this track our *PICK* of the album.

The album continues with the staple “She Loves Horses”. This track is the “roux” that adds a rich Texas country imagery and sound. You hear this song and one name comes to mind: George Strait. Green effortlessly introduces a new flavor of his musical talents with this one and has already started to leave fans craving for more. Tracks such as “This is Us” and “If You Ask Me To” take you through the realness of relationships, whether it’s the good, the bad, or the ugly. 

“I think every album is a chapter in my life,” says Green. “We work very hard at following our hearts through music and trying to advance our style. This album is no different. I think I figured out on this album that love trumps everything.”

Though the collection includes a variety of emotions, Green truly shows us that love trumps everything with his pick of the final track, which by tradition is the song that is most meaningful to him and the band. “My Mother”, features the acoustic pureness of Green and his guitar sharing sentimental lyrics including “my mother’s always been my better half”. Fittingly, Green debuted the song on social media this past Mother’s Day as an endearing ode to his mother as well as the mothers of the WCG camp and those of other Texas artists.

Similar to Ringling Road, Green shares another chapter of his story. He takes listeners to another destination with his music while keeping his honest songwriting at the core. Once you complete the experience that is this record, you’ll end up back at the first track for another go round to the swamplands.

Having heard a number of the tunes live myself, if you haven’t caught a show recently, you are missing out as these new tracks sound even better live! WCG and the band are some of the best entertainers in the scene and another live album recording for them makes total sense.

Check out the band’s tour stops here and pick up a copy of ‘Hebert Island’. In the meantime, enjoy “Hit You Where It Hurts” our Spotify Playlist!

Author: Christina Ramirez

Editorial contributor for Texas Music Pickers and a whole-hearted collector of Texas/Red Dirt tunes and the stories behind them. You can also find me on the dance floor.

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