Album Spotlight: Mike and the Moonpies – Mockingbird

mmp[mixvisor play_icons=”false” auto_detection=”false” artists=”Mike and the Moonpies” id=”563a22202eace43a746f413d” ]Mike and the Moonpies embody what USED to set country music apart from the other genres. They sing about the actual life THEY experience and how they feel about it.  These guys aren’t trying to be country; these guys aren’t “doing a country album”.  They are just writing about what they know, and doing what they love….and it just so happens to be damn good country music!

While their style brings me back to the yesteryear of country music, it’s refreshing and vibrant.  Who knew authentic writing, pedal steel, waltzes, and some good keys could go so far (of course I’m saying that sarcastically).   It’s kind of ironic that what used to be the core fundamentals of country music can make an album standout in today’s scene.

The new album “Smoke’em if you Got’em” is full of stories about love, heartbreak, good times, hard times, and family.  It offers a variety of tempos, subject matter, and emotion.  It’s a complete album and one you can play from start to finish.  If jukeboxes were still around, this would be one, you’d put $20 in to play a couple of times all the way through.  There are great dancing songs, drinking songs, and stories about life.

Their authenticity, composition of rich instrumentation, and obvious passion for what they do, go along way with us, and made this an easy choice for an Album Spotlight!  While we really dig the whole thing, there are a couple of tracks that really stand out to us.

The current single, “Smoke’em if You Got’em”, is an energetic and a straight-forward account of the band’s journey.  The up-tempo beat, and superb music, make it great for radio and your boot can’t help but tap along.  This one is a hit!

“Song in Here” is a track that brings the listener to a simpler time in songwriting.  It speaks of finding inspiration for constructing songs and the influence your values and the people that raised you, have in your writing.  We love the background the song provides and the story it tells!

I’m sucker for the sad, slow ones, and “I Don’t Love You” is just that!  It’s a great heartbreak song, full of poignant lyrics, and our second favorite track on the record.  It’s a haunting and evocative track, with a brutally honest chorus.


“I don’t love you is too hard to say,

And I don’t need you is a lie,

I used to think about you every day,

Now you barely even cross my mind”


*Pick of the Album*

“South First Boulevard” is such a great story, and we love punch of the harmonistic chorus.  The lyrics paint a colorful account of catching your loved one cheating, and the maddening heartbreak that ensues.  You can see the people and places in your mind, and hear the emotion in the vocals.  We also love the music on this one, and really dig the riveting saxophone.  This song stood out to us the most on the first play-through, and quickly became our favorite.  We have our fingers crossed that this one hits radio waves sometime soon!

The album drops tomorrow (10/2), and if you’re a fan of timeless country music, this is a must-own! Check out their current single, “Smoke’em if You Got’em” below!


Click Here to Listen to “Smoke’em if you Got’em”







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Oct 1

Billy Bob’s Texas

Fort Worth, TX, US | 9:00pmmmp1



Oct 4

The Rialto Theatre

Tucson, AZ, US | 8:00pm



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The Museum Club

Flagstaff, AZ, US | 8:00pm



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San Diego, CA, US | 4:30pm

Turnpike Troubadours with Mike and The Moonpies



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Fresno, CA, US | 8:00pm

Author: Chris Fox

Music addict, a sucker for heartbreak songs, and avid Houston sports fan! I'am also the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Music Pickers.

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