Album Spotlight: Mike Ryan – Blink You’ll Miss It

Mike Ryan is unquestionably one of the best vocalists in our scene.  His power, his control, his passionate delivery are truly remarkable….and he seems to do it all with a smile on his face the entire time.  Ryan’s  2014 album, “Bad Reputation”, catapulted him into the next tier and made him one of the fastest-rising acts in the last few years.  With smash hits like  “Dancing All Around It”, “Bad Reputation”, “Girls I Date” among others, the San Antonio, Texas native garnered quite a buzz!  Then last year, Ryan released “New Hometown” and it thrusted him not only into the upper echelon of our scene, but also caught some national attention (The Highway – Sirius XM , Rolling Stone).  With it grabbing nearly 5 Million streams, and being retired from our Texas Music Spotify Chart after going #1 for 12 weeks in a row, there’s no doubt it mustered some high expectations for the new album, “Blink You’ll Miss It”.  Well the 7 track project dropped today, and as expected, it’s one hell of an album!

With the current single, “Sad Song” already reaching 100K+ streams and leading the record into prominence, the album is sure to quench fans thirst for new tunes from the singer/songwriter.  As the name indicates, the record takes you through the people, events, and relationships one encounters while growing up that seemed to happen in the blink of an eye and in towns small enough that if you “Blink You’ll Miss It”. Each song tells its own story; sometimes it’s a first love, sometimes it’s a tough breakup, sometimes it’s memories of family, and sometimes it’s all of the above.  Throughout the entirety of the record, Ryan does an incredible job of bringing the characters, backgrounds and emotions to life through his descriptive lyrics.   He took a big step in songwriting from “Night Comes Falling” to “Bad Reputation” and it’s just as big of an evolution to this album.

Standout, and title track, “Blink You’ll Miss It” (Mike Ryan, Casey Twist, Randall Clay)  best showcases Ryan’s ability to provide characters and stories that the listener can’t help but relate to and resonate with.  The way he’s able to depict the details in a personal way, yet make them easy for the listener to deeply connect with, is exceptional.  It’s colorful, it’s endearing, and it’s a great way to kick of the record!

Other strong tracks include “One Way” (Chris Stapleton, Lee Thomas Miller)  and “Other Side of the Radio” (Brent Anderson, Gordie Sampson) but our *PICK* of the album “Damn Good Goodbye” (Mike Ryan, Chris DuBois, CJ Solar, Brent Anderson), which really dives into the gripping farewell to high school buddies and girlfriends before going off  to college, and how sometimes an epic departure turns into one of your best memories.  The passionate delivery and nostalgia packed lyrics make this one “damn good” song, and a powerful reminiscing experience!  Fingers crossed they put a video to it!

The album dropped today, and we definitely encourage you check it out and if you haven’t caught a show yet….well then get on it! — these songs will be just as good live as they are on the album!




You can also check out a few of our favorite tracks from the album, as well other great Texas/Red Dirt tunes, here on our TMP Spotify Playlist!







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