Album Spotlight: Shotgun Rider- Shotgun Rider EP

SR COVER ARTHere at Texas Music Pickers, we love nothing more than discovering a new band, putting out their debut record, and it catching our attention.  We came across Shotgun Rider’s debut single, “Alone Tonight”, and immediately liked their sound; it was tight, the vocals were great, and the writing was polished.  As we looked in to them, we discovered that they were a brand new band, putting out their debut EP!  After sampling the songs via iTunes previews, we needed more!  A few days later, the files for the songs were in our inbox and after them taking over our office sound system, we knew we had to spread the word about these guys!

The self-titled EP starts out with “Blue Eyed Dream”, a tale of young love nostalgia.  The vivid lyrics paint a detailed picture in your mind, and the tempo makes you tap your foot.  This is the first taste you get of Logan Samford’s smooth vocals, and the quality production makes the listener settle in, and anticipate what the rest of the record has in store for them.

The second track, “Alone Tonight”, is the current single and we expect it to to be a pretty successful introduction to Texas radio.   It sings of the game men and women play when they’re single and meet in a bar. The track has a lot of energy and boasts the best vocals on the EP.  It has a good punch to it and should do pretty well on the charts.

“Dance or Drink” slows the tempo down a little bit, and Samford’s bluesy voice, mixed with the easy music, make for a song that’s great to two-step to or just sit there with a cold beer in your hand and enjoy.  The track has a solid rhythm and you can’t help but sing along to “lemon drop shot on a bar top, feeling like I can’t not take it if she don’t stop making…”  We’re hoping this one makes it to radio!Copy2-4

The fourth track, “I Still”, is the most expressive on the EP and our *PICK* of the record.  You can feel the pain in the lyrics and the tone of the music matches the emotion perfectly.  My personal favorites are the heartbreak ones, and this one is a damn good one!  It’s reminiscent of early Eli Young, and has the best line on the record:  You can’t tell me it’s wrong, still living life on the edge of one more song”.

“Shotgun Rider” concludes with “Slowing Down”; a fun, fast-paced tune about the joys of being young and in love.  We love the story it tells, and it hits on all the facets of a first romance.  It leaves a smile on the listener’s face and the desire to hit replay on the record.

We think these guys have a lot of potential and their future looks bright!  For a debut EP, we are really impressed with their sound and how polished it is.  Every song was written solely by lead guitarist, Anthony Enriquez, except “Blue Eyed Dream”; which was co-written by Anthony Enriquez and, lead singer, Logan Samford.  They can write, they can sing, and they can play!  The album is set to release, Tuesday, March 24th!  Be on the lookout for these guys and request their current single “Alone Tonight”.  Check it out below and on Texas Music Pickers Radio!







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