Album Spotlight: The Gibbonses – Among the Rubble

cover_3000We received an album in our inbox from a band we hadn’t heard before, describing their album as “the result of a couple’s first year of marriage, overshadowed by family tragedy. It is the search for freedom, forgiveness, and acceptance.”  Intrigued, we headed over to their bio.  After reading about their stint as performers and musical directors aboard a cruise ship, and their journey back to their roots in Texas, we really had no idea what to expect when we hit the play button on “Among the Rubble”…

As “Walk a Mile” hit our eardrums, we were immediately captured by the powerful energy coming from lead singer, Jackie Pock’s vocals.  Her larger than life presentation and soulful delivery created a perfect foundation for their contemporary blues sound that transpired throughout the rest of the record!  While it wasn’t quite as gritty as much of the other Texas music that comes across our desk, their delightfully refined sound was impossible not to embrace and appreciate.  The combination of rock, folk, pop, and R&B influences, polished production, and full instruments offer the listener a rich and powerful sound.

The incredibly honest songwriting often leads down a dimly lit path, sometimes finding dawn; sometimes finding more darkness.  The heavy hand of despair, heartbreak, and grief, is sometimes succumbed to, sometimes ran from, sometimes met with observation and introspection, and sometimes combated with love, strength and resurgence.    Their very personal tale of hardship and pain is authentically reflected throughout their album’s detailed lyrics. The passionate descriptions provide insight in to their world, and invite the listener to witness their battles openly.

While much of the album dwells in the twilight, the couple does leave their listeners with an optimistic outlook that they will “Keep on Keeping on”, and do their best to rebuild with what’s left “Among the Rubble”.

This captivating record offers a tale of tragedy and finding resolve, leaving the listener engaged throughout the journey in between!  Every song has something to say and we’re impressed by the maturity in this talented band’s debut record!   This is just the beginning for these guys and we’re excited to share this milestone in their career with our followers!

Our favorite tracks

The heavy back-beat and robust vocals of “Free” (written by TC Fambro) tell a triumphant story of self-empowerment.  The track does a great job relaying the jubilation felt when freeing oneself from someone, or something, that’s holding you back.  The determined attitude in the vocals expresses the message perfectly, and the distinctive tempo makes it hard not to sing (and play) along.

“Time” (Pock & Gibbons) is the most stripped-down song on the record.  With the track being driven by an intimate acoustic guitar and emotional vocals, the simplistic beauty of the overall product, stands out compared to the fullness of the rest of the record.

“Tough as Nails” (Pock & Gibbons) is our *PICK* of the album and has a great lounge/vintage night club vibe to it, heavily reminiscent of the great Etta James.  Easily the best vocal performance on the album, the tale of resilience has a timeless production instilled in it, making it hard to discern which decade it’s from.  Smooth, bluesy, and powerful…enough said.

“Among the Rubble” drops tomorrow (4.15). We recommend you grab yourself a copy (iTunes, Spotify, etc..) and slip in to their world as they ask “How do we hold onto ourselves when we are no longer in control of our lives?”…

Check out our *PICK* of the album, “Tough as Nails” below!








Upcoming Shows:


APR 15

Central Market

Southlake, Texas


APR 16

T’s Bar & Grill (CD RELEASE SHOW!)

Lewisville, Texas


APR 20

Love and War in Texas

Grapevine, Texas


APR 22

The Hills Clubhouse

Plano, Texas


APR 29

Hackberry Creek Country Club

Irving, Texas

Produced by Jamie Hill

Recorded and mixed by Jamie Hill at Secret Agent Audio Services, Los Angeles


Album Art: McCormick Photos & Design

Set Design: Insite Productions & Scott McCormick

Band Photograph: Ashley D’Anna


Jackie Gibbons: vocals, percussion

Brandon Gibbons: acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, backing vocals

Jamie Hill: drums, bass, keyboards, programming, treatments

Ben Shaw: lap steel

Shannon Curtis, Wonder Wood, Morgan Weitz: backing vocals

Author: Chris Fox

Music addict, a sucker for heartbreak songs, and avid Houston sports fan! I'am also the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Music Pickers.

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