Album Spotlight: The Statesboro Revue – Jukehouse Revival

sbrThe Statesboro Revue is at again, and they are offering their finest collection of songs to date!  Jukehouse Revival is smooth, poignant and has the coolness of 70’s rock, with the vibrancy of the current roots scene.  The 11 track album showcases the group’s growth from Ramble on Privilege and is sure to accelerate the rocket ship they’ve been on the last year!

They undoubtedly have an original sound that stands out amongst the ever-expanding Texas music scene.  While genres like, roots, folk, Americana and so on, can definitely be applied to them, I have hard time feeling like that those terms cover them completely.  They unquestionably have a very unique vintage southern rock undertone, sprinkled with some blues from the keys and the harmonica, and front-man, Stewart Mann’s soulful voice breathes life in to each song.  They are a conglomerate of great music genres, from different times and places, patched together to make a sound that is completely their own.

Jukehouse Revival begins with the smooth and bluesy, “Bedroom Floor” and instantly the listener is transformed in to a timeless place of musical enjoyment.  From there, Mann’s vocals guide you through emotional ups and downs, and the top-notch production hits in all the right places!

One particular track that really stood out to me was track number 10, “Go Down Slow”.  I think I would have a hard time arguing that it’s the best song on the album, but there’s something about it that really moves me.  It’s simple and unassuming, yet powerful. Mann pours out some honest introspection and the emotional vocals drive it home!  I’m a sucker for those types of songs, so this one was easily my *PICK* of the album.  sbr2

Our other favorite tracks (and believe me it was hard to narrow it down to just 3) are Count on Me, Tallahassee, and Roll on MamaCount on Me is probably the best song on the album, as it’s fantastically written, the music and tempo combine to make it impossible not to bob your head, and it’s probably Mann’s best vocal performance.  Tallahassee is fast-moving, fun, and we’re hoping it hits radio waves in the near future!  Roll on Mama is a bluesy tune that is both relaxing and inviting.

Overall, this album is exactly what we were hoping it would be!  All 11 tracks have been in prominent rotation on our office’s playlist since the album landed in our mailbox a few weeks ago, and we don’t foresee that ending anytime soon!  Jukehouse Revival drop this Friday, August 7th and we definitely recommend you get your hands on it!


Check out an acoustic version of one of favorite songs from the album, Roll on Mama, below!







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