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ah2Currently sitting at #6 on the Texas Regional Radio Report, and #4 on the Texas Music Chart, is Adam Hood’s “Trying to Write a Love Song” (We think it’s going to #1!).  We had the opportunity to ask Hood a few questions this week and here’s what Alabamian with a devout Texas following had to say.

TMP: Who do you describe as musical influences?

AH: John Hiatt was my first big influence. He was the first person I wanted to “be like”. As I developed my own style I kept going back to folks like Delbert McClinton, Eric Clapton, Doyle Bramhall II, Steve Earle, the Rolling Stones and a few others. I still go to those artists to find inspiration.

TMP: Describe your style of music.

AH: I always say my music is southern. It’s a broad “strokem” I know, but I try to write about my surroundings and the south has a lot of music that can paint a picture. I don’t want to leave any of it out.

TMP: So far, what has been the highlight of your career?

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AH: I’m a pretty blessed guy to say that I’ve had quite a few benchmarks in my career. I take the most pride when other artists record my songs though. It’s like being a proud parent because it’s the song that gets the acclaim more than me. The stuff that came from Little Big Town putting Front Porch Thing on their last album was all pretty amazing. That album gave me my first Platinum award and that’s pretty special. I also saw a video of LBT performing the song at a benefit and Keith Urban and Vince Gill were both playing in the band!! That was super cool!!

TMP: You’re originally from Alabama and you spend a lot of time in Nashville, describe your connection with Texas? How does it feel to have such a strong following in Texas?

AH: I can’t say exactly how I came to be a part of the Texas scene. It’s been too long for my poor memory. I started playing shows in Texas around 2004 and got to know most of the guys/ gals I write with through simply opening shows and doing song swaps. In my opinion, the best songwriters out there… past, present, and future come from and live in Texas. I’ve always been in love with the music that’s come from Texas and I really soaked it up when I started coming over here. It’s hard not to be constantly grateful for the acceptance I have here. It’s always felt like home here and sometimes better. I feel accepted unconditionally… no strings attached!!

TMP: For people who have never been to an Adam Hood concert, what can they expect to see at your shows?

AH: My show is a little more “stripped down” than my recordings. I like it that way. I usually play 3-piece… me singing and handling the guitar work to the best of my abilities, bass and drums. It feels greasier to me that way and we’re efficient all the way around!

ahTMP: Tell us a little bit about your current single “Trying to Write a Love Song”.

AH: I wrote “Trying to Write a Love Song” with Pat McLaughlin and Logan Mize. It’s been around for a while, but it really stood out when I started putting together this CD. I wrote quite a few songs on this CD with Pat as well as on The Shape of Things. He makes it easy. He’s a master at making a song FEEL good. It’s an intangible thing that not many folks have and it happens almost every time we sit down to write.

TMP: What’s on the horizon for Adam Hood?

AH: I’m having a blast now and I feel like I’ve hit a nice steady pace in my career. That’s a first for me. I usually try too hard and wear myself out too soon, or I slip away and do nothing. I like where my life is these days and I’m proud of the music and I think I’ll just try to ride this out a while — Just that simple.

Catch Adam Hood at a place near you!

Jul 12
Nazareth, TX | 5:00PM

Jul 16
Dawg House Sports Grill
Starkville, MS | 8:00PM

Jul 27
Lonestar Float House
New Braunfels, TX | 6:00PM
Jul 30
Capital Bar (Fort Worth)
Fort Worth, TX | 5:30PM
Jul 31
Billy’s Ice


Listen to Adam Hood, including his new single “Trying to Write a Love Song”, below!


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  1. Adam Hood is a BADASS!!! One of the most talented singer/songwriter/musicians I know. Super Proud Fan from TEXAS BABY!!!!

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