Artist Spotlight: Gary Kyle

This Friday (9/15) songwriter, performer, producer, and father of 5, Gary Kyle will be dropping the first half of his brand new album!  Part 1 titled, “Rewind White” is 6 soulful, well-crafted stories ranging from uptempo honky-tonk to sad, slow, heartbreak and we definitely recommend you get your hands on a copy!

We had the chance to chat with the Houston based musician about the new record, his musical influences, and how antibiotics and tequila don’t mix!   

Texas Music Pickers:  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Gary Kyle:  I am a Christian, a husband to a beautiful wife, father to 5 (soon to be 6) beautiful children, a brother to five siblings and have been blessed with many friends. I grew up in Houston and have lived in Dallas for the last 21 years of my life. Just move back to my hometown in North Houston in June of this year.

TMP: Who would you describe as musical influences? 

GK:  My musical influences range from Travis Tritt, Vince Gill, Garth Brooks and George Strait to Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, John Cougar Mellencamp and Tom Petty

TMP: Your current single, “Tornado”, is creating some pretty good buzz for you and doing well on the charts.  Could you give us some background on the song?

GK:  “Tornado” was written by the one and only Dean Dillon (he’s had a few hits like “Tennessee Whiskey,” Empty Glass,” and many many more for George Strait and others) and my good buddy Jody Booth!  They sent it to me via voice memo on their phone soon after they wrote it!  We produced it like a late 70’s Charlie Daniels style tune. Sent it to Dean and Jody and Dean said it was “&$@”!” Awesome!!”  Can’t tell you how that made me feel.

TMP: Tell us about your upcoming EP “Rewind White”.

GK:  I think “Rewind White” and “Rewind Blue” are head and shoulders above anything I’ve ever done before. I think it took me four records to actually find my sound and I couldn’t be happier. I produced these with my buddy Ben Jackson Who lives in Nashville now, but played drums for me for years before he left for Nashville.  It’s got some super old-school country sounding songs on here along with some John Cougar Mellencamp/Tom Petty meets Eric Church sounding tunes too.  It’s very broad, but cohesive.

TMP: If you had to pick just one song from the upcoming EP, which song are you the most proud of?

GK:  “Whiskey Dents” is my favorite track and the one I’m most proud of.  There’s not a show that goes by that someone doesn’t approach me about the song and how it hits them so deep. Music has the power to open eyes to truth, to heal and to help carry on, and this song can do all those things.

TMP: What do you have lined-up for the album release?

GK:  We have some CD release parties coming up in Houston and Dallas in September!  New single “Whiskey Dents” will be coming out too.  Also a new music video for WD.

TMP: Why have you decided to release the album in two parts and what are the biggest differences between the two parts?

GK:  I decided to break this up into two EPs because you can only get two or three singles off a record before it’s time to release a new one.  I felt like we had six or seven singles out of these 12 songs and I want to make sure they all get heard.  There are a few differences in the two EPs.  On “Rewind White” I only wrote three of the songs, and on “Rewind Blue” I wrote all the songs.

“Rewind White” has more of a Americana vibe and while “Rewind Blue” has more of a country vibe to it.

TMP: What is your favorite thing to eat while out on the road?

GK:  My favorite thing to eat anytime and anywhere is definitely steak! Medium rare with a sweet potato and grilled veggies. Shot of Jim Beam for dessert.

TMP: Can you share a funny story with us about something that has happened while out on the road or performing?

GK:  I’ve been doing this a little over 10 years now and have had lots of funny stories to talk about, but the one that I always go back to is when my buddy, Ben Jackson who has co-produced my last two records, fell off the stage.  We were playing at a bar called Overtime in Burleson, Texas. Ben had only been playing with me for a few weeks and I hadn’t seen him take a single drink since he started. That changed that night! He showed up to the gig and he was covered in hives and wasn’t feeling in tiptop shape. He had been to the doctor and was taking antibiotics. Some fans bought a round of tequila and I passed them around and Ben said he would take one… and then another, and then a third in a matter of about an hour. I noticed his time keeping behind the drum kit got a little looser towards the end of the set and he felt it too. We end the last song and he gets up to tell me he’s sorry and leans on the door behind him. Well, they were new French doors that hadn’t been screwed in yet and he collapsed backwards completely off the stage (that was inside the building) onto the OUTSIDE patio.  All we could see were the bottom of his Converse All-Stars sticking straight up in the air. The kicker was that he had to run all the way around to the front of the building to get back in!

TMP: Is there anything else you want your fans to know

GK:  I just want everybody to know that I love what I do and I appreciate everyone that spends a single dollar of their hard earned cash to come see me perform or buy one of my records.  God is good!

We excited to present you with an exclusive listen of the project in its entirety!  Enjoy!






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