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jg7Our Artist Spotlight shines on Junior Gordon this month.  Gordon has been hitting on our radar all year  with songs like “Sunday Morning” and “County Fair” but his latest release “I’d Find You”  is the best cut we’ve heard from Gordon and one of the best singles currently on the charts.  After only 3 weeks, it’s at #67 on the Texas Regional Radio Report and we don’t think it’s slowing down anytime soon!  We like where Gordon is headed and expect this to be his highest charting single to date.  He’s genuine, passionate about country music, and encapsulates everything we stand for here in Texas: God, family, and building something off of hard work and dedication.  With big things happening right now and some exciting things on the horizon, Junior Gordon was an easy pick for this month’s Artist Spotlight.  We had the opportunity to get to know him a little better this week through a Q & A session and here’s what the Alvin native had to say:


Texas Music Pickers:  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Junior Gordon:  100 % a family man, being out on the road and away from home has given me an awesome love for spending time with my family. I live in the small community of Alvin Texas, yes the home of once a famous baseball player Nolan Ryan. We are blessed with 7 awesome children, yep that was not a typo I said 7, watching them grow is a highlight within itself. I enjoy hunting, hanging with the boys, fishing, cooking, writing, but top of the list, family and Christ!

TMP:  Who do you describe as musical influences?

JG:  In today’s world… hands down Ronnie Dunn. But I also got to grow up in country music, because both of my parents worked at Gilley’s in Pasadena, Texas.  I had the opportunity to see , fall in love with, and be inspired by all of the greats: George Strait, Conway Twitty, George Jones, Charlie Pride, Willie Nelson, Earl Thomas Conley, Gene Watson, Ronnie Milsap and John Conlee. These are the guys I had the chance to sit and listen to and grew off of them.

TMP:  Describe your style of music.

JG:  Music with meaning and heart.. I remember as a kid, I could close my eyes, and sing along with my favorite songs, feel their story — that’s my music. There is a story in each one of my songs. We are Texas Country, We are Nashville Country, We are NOT “Bro Country”!

TMP:  So far, what has been the highlight of your career?jg6

JG:  Meeting so many cool people, hearing myself on the radio driving down the road, or others telling us they heard it. Having people share their stories about how one of my songs has effected or impacted their lives.  The shows we have had, have been amazing this year; one of my favorites was The Houston Livestock Show.

TMP:  What’s on the horizon for you right now?

JG:  We just finished up our new album titled “Watered Down”, which will release around May of 2015. We also just shot a video for our single “Country Lovin”; it will be that single that we will release off of our album “BIG”. That single and video is due to release in February 2015.

TMP:  Tell us about your current single “I’d Find You”

JG:  “I’d Find You” is a story about the amazing love that two people can share for each other. It’s about finding that right and special person that you would look for, even if it meant to the ends of the earth — knowing that person is the one that you were meant to be with for the rest of your life.

TMP: For people who have never been to a Junior Gordon concert, what can they expect to see at your shows?

JG :  Fun….I have always tried to put on the best show possible, climbing on speakers, jumping off stage and running through the crowd.  Yes, I have fallen, just once and it was not bad. We have a T-shirt cannon…. lots of fun with that thing. We have a high energy show and believe in giving folks their money’s worth!

TMP:  Is there anything else you’d like your fans to know?

 JG:  Put CHRIST first in all you do!


Check out his latest single below!






jg2The times they are a changin’!

It use to be that when you said your hometown was Alvin, Texas, everyone thought of a certain very famous and fantastic baseball player.

Now, there is another name associated with the town where talent abounds.

The Junior Gordon Band began its trek to the top in music in Alvin, but the group is now seeing their fan base expand, and their latest song, “BIG” making a (dare we say it?) BIG impact on country music. Along with their new album “Watered Down”, which is due to release early 2015.

Alvin and many of its surrounding neighbors know and love the sound of The Junior Gordon Band, but now talk is spreading across the state of Texas, and it can only grow from there!

Guitar, Country Band in Liverpool, TX

In April 2013, The Junior Gordon Band was nominated by The Houston Press for Best Band of the Year; Best Local Video of the Year and Junior himself was nominated for both the Local Musician of the Year and Best Male Vocalist! Now, that is sheer talent! The selection process is tough, and with so much talent in Houston and across Texas, but being considered for not only one, but THREE awards is an amazing thing!

The Band has a distinctive sound that makes crowds love them. The Junior Gordon Band’s heartfelt, soulful lyrics leave listeners with a menagerie of emotions from one song to the next. From the love of music that would be sacrificially ditched in a heartbeat for the love of a woman in “This Old Guitar” to good ole boy flirtation in “Country Lovin” to passion in “Even If It Kills Me” and “I’d Find You”, listeners can speculate that Junior clearly has a muse that has captivated his heart.

When Junior sings, he sometimes gets so wrapped up in the music that he can actually make up words, causing sometimes romantic, sometimes humorous country songs, or even a mix of country and rap…something he calls “C-RAP”. Thanks to a really talented group of musicians who can keep up with the lead singer, they never miss a beat. They just have a stage presence that leaves fans with an ear-to-ear grin at the end of the night.

Attending one of the Junior Gordon shows will never leave you bored; just enjoying talented musicians, and funny, unexpected events that leave you laughing while Junior runs through the place!jg5

You will want to get a “Potato Launched T-Shirt” and sit back and enjoy much more than talented musicians. There’s plenty of high energy on stage. When Junior gets after it, he is known to jump off stage, and even on top of bars and banisters. (Just be warned, Junior isn’t the only prankster in the band and Uncle Terry loves teaching Junior’s 3-year-old twin boys to tell mommy and daddy that everything is “atrocious” and “ridiculous.”)

Now, that is total entertainment!

But, don’t think these guys are a comedy show alone. Their music is what they live for, what they bring to you for entertainment and what they want you to hear and enjoy even after you leave. (That’s why you will head to the store to get your own copy of “BIG”.

The Junior Gordon Band isn’t all lovin’ and leavin’ and it’s evident in their spunky, playful beer drinking song “Good Friend of Mine,” and their downhome “County Fair.” The band takes the beautiful things life has to offer, right at our fingertips, and expresses those thoughts and feelings in songs about everyday life; songs that make you pause and think about life’s precious gifts, songs that are relatable on all levels, songs that make you turn the car around, head home, hug the wife and kids and take that vacation you’ve been putting off.

Junior, Dennis, Terry, David and Warren all love entertaining and genuinely enjoy what they do. They want families, just like their own, to enjoy their music, enjoy the show and want to hear more and look forward to the next time they will have an opportunity to come back.

You see, family is a big part of The Junior Gordon Band. You will notice it in their pre-performance group prayer and down time as well.

Get to know The Junior Gordon Band. You will become a lover of their music, charmed by their shows and a fan forever.

These guys are going to the top! Join them on the ride and tell everyone you “knew them when”.

Dean Chance- Lead Guitar/Vox
Brent Dunbar- Bass/Vox
Todd Parsons- Fiddle/Vox
Raymond Jones AKA Bam Bam- Drums
Jamie McCabe- Pedal Steel/Vox
Jase Rooks- Sound Engineer
Cheramy Gordon- Bookings/Management

Upcoming Shows

Dec 6jg4
Pasadena, TX
Dec 7
Private Party
Dec 12
Private Party
Dec 27
The Chute
Baytown, TX

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