Artist Spotlight: Ryan Beaver

After a 5 year absence of new music, Ryan Beaver is set to make a big splash with his album, “Rx” tomorrow (5.6.16).  The Emory, Texas native has garnered a lot of anticipation for the record, and is more excited than anyone to get it out to the masses, after sitting on the finished product for the last 16 months.  “I’ve been waiting for the right time” Beaver told us.  “I’ve learned a lot about patience; but I feel the wait has been worth it.”

Growing up in a house that had anything from Bob Dylan to Jackson Five to Merle Haggard, on the radio, Beaver describes his most noticeable influences as “somewhere between Tom Petty and George Strait”.  The wide variety of his musical influences shine through on his upcoming album, noting that it was just as much about their integrity as it was their music that he resonated with. “I love singer/songwriter, Motown, R&B, country…Willie Nelson to Pear Jam…I just like really good, honest music, and that’s what I set out to do with this record.”

Continually writing and working on his music, he wanted to find “that feeling you have when you’re 13 years old in your garage making music.  You just want to have fun, make the music you like.  I wanted to start over and find that. I wanted my music to just be about life and not try to be anything it’s not” the former Austin resident said.  Aiming to find a balance between the two, he approached the record from the singer/songwriter side where the song was the only thing he cared about and the player side, where he couldn’t wait to crank it up!RB-RXcover-1024x1024

“I think I wrote my best stuff on this record. I grew up.  The art…the melody…the lyrical truth.” he told us. Releasing “Dark” as the lead single, Beaver set out to show his coming of age.  “That song really helped me get over a period of darkness. It helped me realize when the world doesn’t make sense, I need to find it through music.  It was an anthem, and I needed to hear the words more than anybody.”

We were lucky enough to get our hands on an advanced copy a few weeks ago, and can definitely see and feel his transformation.  Every bit of emotion, joy, frustration and everything in between, is showcased in the music, lyrics, and production.  Since the first play-though, we’ve been captivated by the garage country sound that is as unique as it is soulful. The unapologetic, raw vibe the record has, is packed full of authenticity, wisdom and energy. From the emotionally powerful first track “Dark, to the stark, untouched, last track “If I had a Horse”, the listener is provided with a timeless journey of honesty, virtue and craftsmanship. There’s even a tribute song to Kris Kristofferson.

“ ‘Kristofferson’ is about me moving to a new town and chasing my dream and of course a tip of the hat to him.  I got word that Kris got it, then I received a video from him saying he’s gotten a lot of tributes in his life and this is one of his favorites ever….ever.  I was like ‘ok, I’m done.  I can hang it up now. Ha’.  They also had a big tribute to him in Nashville and they kicked it off with my song, which was really cool” he told us excitedly.   

“Rx” deals with love, loss, homage, nostalgia, and his journey of musical self-discovery….and we DIG IT!!!  Mark our words folks,  Ryan Beaver will take a giant step forward with this record!

He’s kicking his album release tour off tonight in New York, then will slowly make is way across the US, with several dates in Texas around July.  The album will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Lone Star Music and many other places and we recommend you get your hands on it!

“Over the years, I’ve had an amazing support system from the fans asking about new music or just showing up rain or shine.  I really want them to know how much they drive me and how much I appreciate them.  ‘Rx’ was the best medicine for my life and I hope it might be the same thing for anyone else that needs it…”

Check out one of our favorite tracks, “Habit” from the album below! 





Author: Chris Fox

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