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Wynn Williams is an America loving, country music singing, rodeo cowboy out of North Texas. Growing up, when he wasn’t in the pen dogging steers, he was playing pure country tunes that were influenced by legends like Strait, Whitley, Jackson, Travis, Haggard and more. While studying at Texas A&M, Wynn hung up his spurs and worked steadily on increasing his presence in the music world by playing in venues around the central and north Texas regions. Improving his skill set as a songwriter, Wynn was able to create what he needed to record his debut EP that will be released this Friday, ( April 21st). Now a graduate from Texas A&M and a Communication degree in hand, this high energy, hard-working, new artist is bound and determined to make his name and his music known for generations to come.

Make no mistake, Wynn Williams is the real deal, and his “Words Fly” EP is 6 tracks of pure country!  We had a chance to chat with the former cowboy about his style of music, new single, and upcoming album; here’s what the Weatherford, Texas native had to say:


Texas Music Pickers:  How would you describe your style of music?
Wynn Williams: Pure country. The kind of country music that gives you a beat that you can dance to, the kind that tugs on your heart-strings, and the kind that takes you back to the good ole days of steel guitars ringing and fiddles sawing. Some may call it old school or traditional, but I just call it what it is.

TMP:  Tell us about the new album, “Words Fly.”
 This is my first record so it’s definitely a special one. Words Fly is a 6 song EP that captures the kind of music that a lot of my peers grew up listening to. I’ve been told that it kind of takes people back to that 90s, or early 2000s country music, which is pretty much the kind of sound I wanted to bring back to those who loved it so much. Words Fly, the title track, is a tune with a powerful message that was written by some #1 hit writers out of Nashville and I was fortunate enough to cut this track and have it on my first record. It means more to me than they will ever know. Feel good single, “You’ll Write Mine,” and the rock and roll sounding “What I’m Talkin’ About” were written by myself along with the help of some good buddies of mine and I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out on this record. I love to dance as well and as soon as I was pitched “Taste for Texas” by my producer, Scott Moody, I knew I had to cut the western swing tune. Milo Deering, a prominent multi-instrumentalist in the music scene, played on my record and he did that one up right. All the musicians on my record are phenomenal players, but given the chance, I guarantee that all will agree that Milo is just out of this world good. I wrote the remaining songs “The Letter” and “Without You and Me” by myself. Both of these tunes were influenced by a man falling in love with a woman, as a lot of country songs are, and both are very near and dear to my heart. “The Letter” is a waltz filled with crying steel, fiddle, and subtle tones of grand piano. Each line takes you further into the depths of a broken heart after a man wrote a love letter to the woman he loved with all his heart. If you’ve ever been truly in love with someone and have been without that someone, then you’ll understand where I got my inspiration for “Without You and Me.” The song kicks off with a lick of a familiar tune to all of us that will immediately bring you joy. The entire record will drop on April 21st and is out for digital pre-order right now on iTunes. Hard copy pre-orders are also available on my website It will become available on other platforms on April 21st.

TMP:  Provide us with some background on the lead single “You’ll Write Mine” and why you chose it as a single.
“You’ll Write Mine” is a love song! It’s a song that I wrote with my buddies Wes Barlow and John Baumann (who will also have a new record out this spring). I’m sure when you listen to the record, you’ll notice that I had a little filly on my mind and “You’ll Write Mine” is a byproduct of the feeling of being in love. She loves music more than most people I know, so I had this idea that I’d write a song about her and the love I had for her would be described as the elements that make up music. I wanted the words to pack a punch, but since it was a love song about a love song, I also wanted the music to be even more lively and we captured that in the studio. Electric guitar, steel, and fiddle are slamming on this tune and it just makes you feel good, so that’s why I chose it as a single. When I got “You’ll Write Mine” back from master, I knew it was the one I wanted to be a single.


TMP:  If you had to pick just one song from the album, which song are you the most proud of?

WW:  It’s incredibly hard to pick the song I’m most proud of, but if I had to make the decision, I think I’d go with “The Letter.” It’s got country music written all over it and that’s exactly what I want to bring to the table. For a long time, I wanted to write a waltz. One day, I had these words just come to me and I wrote it all by myself during a difficult time and it turned out to be one of my producer’s favorites and he just went to town on it. I am beyond happy with the way it sounds and I think that anyone who enjoys a classic country song is going to love “The Letter.”


TMP:  What do you have lined up for the album release?
:  Over the past year while living in College Station, my go to venue even when I’m not playing is The Tap. It’s a cool joint to hang out at and there’s always something going on whether it’s live music, piano night, or just an easy-going night for pool and a cold craft beer. I imagine there’s a release party that will happen towards the end of the month at The Tap so just be sure and check out my website and social media channels for updates!

TMP:  What is your favorite thing to eat while out on the road?

WW:  I actually love going to the mom and pop joints that are found only in the town I’m in at that time. Even when we were going to college rodeos, we’d always try to find the local spot that everyone went to rather than the usual chain restaurant. I have a really big sweet tooth so as long as I can get some ice cream somewhere, I’m a happy road warrior.


TMP:  Can you share a funny story with us about something that has happened while out on the road or performing?
 A friend of mine and I had this inside joke going on a couple of weeks ago and we had just finished talking about it and laughing about it right before I went on stage. Sure enough, I was in the middle of my set, singing the second verse of “Without You and Me,” and the subject matter of the joke makes its way into our view and we both lock eyes and start cheesing hard at each other because of how funny it was. If we had kept looking at each other, I would have lost it, but luckily I was able to contain myself and keep on playing. I’ve had quite a few instances of stuff like this, but that’s the beauty of playing music for a living. You can’t take yourself too seriously all the time!


TMP:  What is on the horizon for the Wynn Williams?
 Hopefully good things! Like I said before, Words Fly is my first ride into the arena of music and I’m excited for the incredible journey ahead. I’m fortunate to have some friends that are industry veterans and they are big mentors for me. Luckily, I’ve also got buddies that play for a living with some prominent Texas bands that are always there to offer up any advice and help me with anything I’ve got standing before me. I’ve also got to thank Resistol Hats and Rod Patrick Boots for keeping me outfitted with some pretty awesome product. As far as dates go, I’ve got quite a few booked up for the summer including my first cross-country run up to Montana so that’s going to be an awesome experience. Maybe between playing shows and promoting this record I’ll be able to take a little R&R with my friends down to Mexico again this year. At any rate, I can’t wait for what’s to come and I am so excited to get this record into the hands of country music fans all around this great nation and maybe even worldwide! Cheers!


Album pre-order link:


Check out the current single, “You’ll Write Mine” below!



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