*BREAKING* Shane Smith & the Saints Tour Bus Burns

While en route from Austin to Lubbock, Shane Smith & the Saints tour bus caught on fire this afternoon. All members of the band and crew made it out of harm’s way in time and remain unscathed.

It is unknown what started the bus fire, but its flames engulfed the bus, trailer, and equipment in their entirety. The band lost everything from merch to instruments.

Shane Smith & the Saints announced the show tonight at Cook’s Garage (Lubbock) will still go on. Cook’s Garage posted to their social media 100 percent of the door fees will go directly to the band in aid of this tragedy.

They are also scheduled to perform this Friday in Oklahoma City and Saturday in Wichita with Koe Wetzel.

Help support this spirited and deserving band by attending any of their upcoming album tour shows, especially tonight at Cook’s Garage— and may we all say a “Hail Mary” that everyone is alright.



Author: Taylor Ashlynn

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  1. I am glad no lives were lost, those items can be replaced, but life can’t. I pray the industry will rally behind them and help them get back to doing what they love.

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