Cody Sparks Band “13 Folds” Military Dedication [Single Spotlight]

The Cody Sparks Band recently debuted their new EP “4th of July.” Our *PICK* off the EP is Americana single “13 Folds.”

Produced by Tim Allen and engineered by Jon Terpstra at Orb Studios, this single exalts the honor and hurt in losing a military member to the fight.

“13 Folds” begins with a soft acoustic melody and long fiddle strokes. Hard hitting lyrics “13 folds, well there’s your flag / we wanted you home, but not like that” set the mood for a solemn recollection of military memories. It’s the epitome of American sacrifice and grit in Americana music.

Upon the 14th anniversary of his farewell, Marine Lance Cpl. Seth Huston’s story is told by Sparks in this beautiful song dedication. In Aug. 2004, Lance Cpl. Huston passed away in Iraq as Sparks had just began college. The parallel of beginning a new life and a young one having ended inspired “13 Folds” for Sparks.

“I sat there trying to wrap my head around being angry, sad and proud all at the same time,” Sparks told TMP. “I never really knew how to thank someone for giving so much . . . for giving everything.”

Sparks wrote “13 Folds” from his perspective of the funeral. “There’s a different overall feeling at a military funeral: definitely sad, but such pride and awe for this hero that made the ultimate sacrifice,” Sparks said. “Maybe there’s someone else out there that can relate to [13 Folds] and find peace and pride in their loss.”


To share the Cody Sparks Band’s message, you can request “13 Folds” at your local and online radio stations. You can also find the EP “4th of July” on iTunes and Spotify, along with “13 Folds” on our TMP Spotify Playlist.






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