Discover and Win Playlist FAQ


Discover and Win Playlist FAQ

I’m interested, how do I sign up?

Just fill out this form:

 We’re only taking on four artists at the moment but should have 4 new openings each week.  We’ll notify you if you’ve been added to the “Discover and Win Playlist”.


Why do we think this is going to be an effective way to promote your new song?

  1. We’re asking the listener to provide feedback.  When someone has to give their opinion on a song, they listen differently.  They listen actively, not passively. They’re also much more likely to listen to the whole thing AND listen more than once.  By having to provide some simple feedback on the song, they’re more likely to take it in and therefore it has a better opportunity for leaving an impression that sticks with them.
  2. The synergistic marketing approach meaning it produces a combined effect greater than the sum of its separate parts.  For example, one artist may spend $300 on social media ads that may result in 1K clicks for their individual track, but two artists who combine their budgets and efforts may get 1,200 clicks each from a combined $600 to market a playlist with both of their tracks to a mutually desired audience.
  3. The ads will be run from our accounts. Between all of our social media accounts, we have over 50K Texas/Red fans that follow us.  With the ability to target people similar to the ones who are already following us, and using other fine-tuning methods we’ve learned, we’ll be putting your music in front of people that have a high probability of actually becoming a ticket-buying, merch-buying, loyal fan!
  4. We’ve been running social media ads and marketing our playlists to Texas/Red Dirt fans for a few years.  We have a working knowledge of the target market. We know which platforms to use and how much to allot to each of them in regards to the ad budget.  We know the best way to target ages, genders, time of day, the day of the week, interests and the most effective ads to run.


What kind of prizes are we talking here?

We think two the two most important factors in the prize selection are: 1) it really incentives people to want to give feedback 2) it targets the Texas/Red Dirt fan; instead of just anybody who’s looking to win a prize.  So how about VIP tickets to Texas/Red Dirt festivals, multi-day general admission tickets to Texas/Red Dirt festivals, autographed guitars from major artists in our scene, etc…Don’t worry we’ve already sent some “feelers” out on our socials, and people have more than assured us that they’ll be happy to provide feedback if it means they have a chance to win badass tickets to a festival.  


How does the money work?

Each of the four artists will pay in $300. With the $1,200 we’ll:

  • Buy an awesome prize – $200
  • Advertise the hell out of it on social media – $800
  • Create all the ads, do all the marketing, generate a report afterward, provide you with the feedback from all of the listeners, and pass along the contact info of any listeners who request more info on you and/or your music – $200 ($50 for the individualized report for each artist).
  • We’ll also provide you with an itemized receipt at the conclusion. 


How long does the campaign work?

One week.  By only having it run for one week, this encourages people to act now rather than later.  It also creates a big initial pop for your song.


Can I be on the playlist for more than one week? Can I have more than one song on the playlist?

While you as an artist can be on the playlist for more than one week, a specific song cannot.  So in order to be on the playlist again, you’ll need to use a different song.  We think there will be many of the same listeners, so you won’t receive as much of a return on your investment as the first week with the same song.  Also, we think the listeners would enjoy 4 completely new songs each week.  Only song per artist is allowed on the playlist. 


So is it just music promotion?

No!  We think there are also three great side benefits.  Not only are we advertising the hell out of your song, but we’re also providing you with feedback, powerful contact information of the listeners who want more info, and a legitimate way to increase your stream and listener count on Spotify.


  1. Feedback – Here’s your opportunity to get honest feedback and figure the things people like about your music and the things you need to improve.  On the survey, people are instructed to refrain from derogatory language, and instead, provide constructive criticism and detail the specific things they don’t like.  They’re also asked to be specific about the things they do like. With the information, you can make a much more informed decision about how much promotional time, effort, and resources you want to put into that song.  You can figure out if you need to adjust anything before heading back into the studio. You can figure out if it’s a song that’s gaining or losing you new fans/listeners.  The feedback will also stay completely private.  The only people that will see it, will be you and us. 
  2. Contact Info – On the form, listeners can opt to receive more information about you and your music.  At the end of the campaign, we’ll pass along the most powerful contact information you can own in regards to a potential new fan: their email address!  Why is an email address so powerful? Because it offers you a way to connect with that fan outside of a social media base and any communication you send their way has a much higher chance of being scene versus a social media post. So here’s your chance to follow up with a group of people who recently expressed interest in your song and encourage them to hop on board for the long haul
  3. Spotify Promotion – Here is a legitimate way to promote your Spotify track to a Texas/Red Dirt audience and actual potential fans of your music!  There are no playlists involved, no sketchy websites or 3rd party services. It’s all us, social media advertising, and it’s all linked to your song on Spotify.


Why do we need to pay to advertise? Isn’t a prize enough?

Let’s not mistake what’s going on here.  This isn’t just some little prize contest.  This is a solid way to promote your single in the digital landscape of 2019.  We’re not looking to dip our toes in with your song, we’re looking to make a splash. We don’t want a hundred ears on your song, we want a few thousand.


So how do I take part again?

Just fill out this form:

 We’re only taking on four artists at the moment but should have 4 new openings each week.  We’ll notify you if you’ve been added to the “Discover and Win Playlist”.


Can Anybody Submit Their Music to the Discover and Win Playlist?

No.  We have 3 qualifications 1) It’s a Texas/Red Dirt song from a Texas/Red Dirt artist 2) It’s a newer song 3) The song is of good quality.  Because listeners will be discovering the music through a playlist, the first song the listener hears will likely be random. In order to best provide a cross-promotional effect and for the playlist to be seen as an enticing discovery tool, we need to ensure that each song has a decent chance of encouraging the listener to listen to more songs as well as come back the following week.


Will using the “Discover and Win Playlist” provide me any additional coverage on TMP?

No.  The choice to use this promotional tool will have absolutely no barring on any social media, editorial, or other playlist coverage.  This service is exclusive to its own coverage.


Advice for artists:  We’re going to put your song in front of a lot of ears, so make sure you have everything in place to maintain any momentum you gather and soak in every bit of new fandom that comes your way.  Make sure your website is up to date, make sure you have a presence on all social platforms and that it’s up to date. Go ahead and start an email list if you don’t already have one.

Author: Chris Fox

Music addict, a sucker for heartbreak songs, and avid Houston sports fan! I'am also the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Music Pickers.

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