Dylan Wheeler’s EP “Tell Me If I’m Wrong” is a Whole Lot of Right

There are albums you love…and then there are albums you fall in love with.

Dylan Wheeler dropped his debut EP “Tell Me If I’m Wrong” last night and with the new project, he delivers 6 songs filled with more passion and sound than you’ve heard in quite some time. It’s a wide-open door for new fans to get to check out the talent the singer-songwriter from Edgewood, TX brings to the Texas Country/Red Dirt scene. And as for Wheeler’s already established fan base, well, it leads to exactly what they’ve been waiting for.

“Honestly, the majority of the inspiration came from personal experiences. 5 out of the 6 songs are originals. Each one is a different memory for me,” Wheeler told TMP. He presents the most legitimate credentials for a debut EP: original honest songwriting with incredible vocals to back it all up.

Produced by Phillip Mosley and engineered by Zach Pancoast at Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, TN, Wheeler and the team created an impressive high-quality record from beginning to end.

Track Listing:

  1. Started With a Hello
  2. The Story
  3. Tell Me If I’m Wrong
  4. Windshield
  5. Wondering
  6. Mirror

You’ll be hooked from the get-go with the electrically suggestive track “Started with a Hello”, which pleads to reunite for “another slow dance, another second chance for our first kiss” claiming “every beginning needs an end”.  

“The Story” captures you in a melodic whirlwind of emotions as the narrative blends hopeless romance and a regretful reality. Wheeler sings of a character who is “comforting a girl and reassuring her that he’ll never be like her ex. She’s been hurt and he wants her to know he won’t make the same mistakes. As the song goes on unfortunately over time he does exactly what he’d said he never would. Eventually, it gets to the point of no return and they part ways,” he explained sharing that the not-so-”forever and always” fairytale is his favorite off the EP.

Wheeler brings a unique style and vocal range to the Texas/Red Dirt scene making him stand out among the rest. This talent is further showcased in the title track of the EP “Tell Me If I’m Wrong” (destined to be a crowd favorite!) and “Mirror” where rich raw reflections of a love that is no longer are bitterly poured out and more striking notes are emotionally belted out.

The romantic wild card track “Windshield” takes the listener on a glowy nighttime getaway past the city lights driving a different view on love…this time one of an exciting burning connection as “sparks flying faster than the speed of love…with stars in our eyes and backs against the windshield”.

“Wondering”, our *PICK* of the EP, ignites different flames featuring more of stripped-down acoustic feel and then picks up with a catchy beat and fun electric guitar riffs. There’s also more of Wheeler’s raw sound that you just can’t get enough of as lyrics set to a lonesome tone list a series of “they say’s” and a broken heart wonders just how long the winding path of pain and grief will last. The songwriting captures the devastating realizations that failed sympathetic attempts can trigger after the lingering burn of a heartbreak, “They say chase your dreams, make them come true. But, what they don’t know is my dreams were always you…”

Overall, this EP checks all the boxes: foot-tapping beats, empathetic songwriting, and a solid distinctive sound for folks to sink in and hang onto.

But wait…there is a happy ending to these emotionally soaked songs…

The TMP songwriter competition finalist recently shared on social media that he indeed does have other dreams and they are coming true, “I actually had no intentions of pursuing music until I posted Strawberry Wine and Parker McCollum retweeted it. I had always dreamed of it but never actually put any plans in motion until then. 2 months later I played my first show in over 5 years. This week I will be releasing my debut EP.” Wheeler is referencing a video clip of a cover that’s racked up 145K views!

The EP is out now. Download it here or stream it below. Like me, I’ll bet you find yourself wanting to sing along to every one of these tuneful tracks before even knowing the words. I’ll be hanging on to this one until there’s even more from Dylan Wheeler. Y’all stay tuned and remember the name!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dylan_wheeler_/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DylanWBand

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tell-me-if-im-wrong-ep/1444219001

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0wt7kveV9BteRyhkkWGj87?si=v1yLc0jnS4iOi3U01VpwhA

Author: Christina Ramirez

Editorial contributor for Texas Music Pickers and a whole-hearted collector of Texas/Red Dirt tunes and the stories behind them. You can also find me on the dance floor.

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