[Exclusive Song Premiere] Shotgun Rider Carves Through the Scene with New Album, “Palo Duro”

With pre-released single “Me and a Memory” already the #1 streamed song for three consecutive weeks on our TMP Spotify Chart, Shotgun Rider’s new album “Palo Duro” releases this Friday, March 30. We’re excited to bring you a run down on their first full-length record, as well as, an exclusive preview of our  *PICK* of the album: “The Night Don’t Love You.”

“Palo Duro” Track Listing:
  1. Me and a Memory
  2. Steady as She Goes
  3. Bottom of This Crown
  4. I’m Not Alright
  5. Nothin’ At All
  6. Lucky Him
  7. Texas Rain
  8. Time Don’t Turn
  9. Lovin’ up on You
  10. The Night Don’t Love You

Band members Logan Samford and Anthony Enriquez wrote their first songs together at “Palo Duro”‘s namesake, deep in the Texas panhandle’s Palo Duro Canyon. This debut album draws inspiration from Samford’s former church choir, FM radio country hits, quintessential George Strait albums, and rock bands like Kings of Leon.

“A bunch of songs lean into that flat West Texas landscape, where it’s so lonely for miles, and you don’t see anything but the earth,” Enriquez said, having written the majority of the album’s songs. “It feels both peaceful and lonely, and it’s the same feeling that carries through in our music.”

The album includes familiar tunes like “Texas Rain” from Samford’s previous band, Seven Miles South. “Lucky Him” shares similar lyrical genius as “Lucky Arms” by John Michael Montgomery, but with that slower Shotgun Rider twang we’ve come to love.

“Palo Duro” comprises an old school Texas sound with beats listeners can easily two-step to. It also includes faster paced songs like “Me and a Memory,” “Time Don’t Turn,” and “Lovin’ up on You.”

“Steady as She Goes” is an addictive addition to “Palo Duro.” With its long vocal notes and sway back-and-forth feel, the song is exactly what it proclaims to be: steady and ready to love.

Soft and simple “I’m Not Alright”, provides listeners with that rolling down  I-35 song we create our own car music videos to. The song includes lyrics “I wanna sing along, and I wanna hold my tongue,” which perfectly sum up this happy tune with a somber meaning.

HEAR IT HERE FIRST! “The Night Don’t Love You” makes it premiere on Texas Music Pickers. This electric heartthrob song embodies the heavy yearning zest of Shotgun Rider’s explosive sound. It’s that melancholy melody we just can’t help but play over and over again.


Overall, Shotgun Rider’s debut album “Palo Duro” is a synthesis of old country and new talent, feel-good music and loneliness, and familiar sounds with a unique twist. These guys are not only headed for success in the Texas/Red Dirt scene, but well beyond as well!

Click HERE to pre-order “Palo Duro.” You can also check out a few of the already-released songs from the album on our TMP Spotify Playlist.

Website: https://shotgunridermusic.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therealshotgunrider

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheShotgunRider

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/shotgun-rider/962918729

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/1gmKCymY1bESfw6oF1V6gk

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