Jeremy Steding Set to Boom with Odessa

Jeremy Steding is set to release his 5th studio album, “Odessa”, tomorrow and we’re excited to spread the good word! Steding’s music has always managed to embody something powerful and rare: timelessness; and this album is no different. His rich sound strikes the right balance between classic country and contemporary flavor, offering resonating listeners his “old fashioned” ideals and values on modern situations and circumstances.  In spite of what today’s society tells us, many of us still believe the archaic (:)) principles of working for what you have, respecting the ones that came before you, cherishing the love of a good woman, and enjoying the simple things; “Odessa” offers all of that and much more.

Allowing listeners in to the world of his travels, whiskey, love, and heartbreak, the album presents the tragedies and triumphs of the hard-working, blue-collar life; at times offering wisdom, and at other times, questions.    The variety of topics, thematic music, and soulful vocals make for a complete product, and one damn good record!

The former-Austin resident has already given fans a glimpse of what’s to come with his successful previous single, “Late Night Love Song,” and current single “Feels So Good to be Back Home”.  The recently released tune, paints the perfect picture of an emotional homecoming, as it hits on the elation and nostalgia of returning to your hometown, family, and good friends. The track is one of our favorites on the album, and we expect it to have some solid success on the charts! 

Another track that really caught really caught our attention was the boot-tapping, high-energy, “I Need a Texas Song”.  The tune is packed with fiddle licks, pedal steel, Texas patriotism, and an infectious rhythm!  We really dig the comprehensive description of what Steding loves about the Lone Star State and the upbeat delivery!

While the rest of record is really solid, there’s one track that stood above the rest and is our *PICK* of the album.  “Get me the Hell Off of this Rig” is an insightful depiction of a man battling the inner demons that come with working in the oil fields of West Texas.  Steding does a great job of detailing the character in the song, diving in to his background, doubts, and dreams, making the listener feel connected to him.  Many of us can relate to feeling of complacency at one point in our lives, and remember a time when we felt that if we didn’t make a substantial change, we’d get stuck in a rut.  Steding drives every bit of emotion needed for this song in to his somber vocals and cuts right to the listener’s empathetic side. This is the type of story country music was intended to tell!

Needless to say, we definitely recommend you grab yourself a copy of the record tomorrow!  In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peak of the current single and our *PICK* of the album below!








Author: Chris Fox

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