Josh Grider Reminds us that there are Still “Good People” in the World with New Album

Great songwriters don’t just tell stories; they dive into the nooks and crannies of life and explore.  They get the big picture across through the small details, and Josh Grider does just that in his upcoming album, “Good People”.

In a world that’s so bogged down by clutter and controversy, the New Mexico native cuts through the smog of polarization to bring our attention back to what really matters. Not the “stuff we want/have, or the divisive topic of the day, but the people in our lives; in particularly the good people.  The people who make our day a little brighter.  Sometimes it’s someone we’re close to and see everyday, like our family and friends, and sometimes it’s a stranger on the side of the road who stops to help change a tire.  While it seems like all we hear about is “the bad”, don’t fool yourselves, there’s plenty of “good” happening all around us, and Grider reminds us of that throughout the entirety of the album.

Often the album provides the listeners with wisdom, perspective, and/or insight.  Whether it’s how to let the rough times roll off your shoulders, a reminder to let loose and enjoy yourself, or to appreciate the love of a good woman, Grider lets the story relay the message, rather than doing it directly and coming off preachy.  I always have a high a level of respect for songwriters who can say things, without actually saying them.

The whole project comes off warm, soothing, and subtlety profound.  It’s like getting in to your freshly made bed, a warm shower on a cold day, or down-home cooking after a hard-day’s work.

It’s an album you listen to from start to finish.  One you pop in on a long solo road trip, and then find yourself one with the music and the world.

Our *PICK* of the album is “Less and Less”.  While the song starts as sad tale of lost love, when the chorus hits, it steps in to the light of a recovery and reformation.  What I really dig about the tune, is that the takes place in an emotional flux.  Usually you get one extreme or the other: heartbreak or an “I’m over them”.  This one sits in between. It’s about the journey rather than the destination. It doesn’t give you the ending, just the middle, which leaves the listener with a feeling of hope for the character at the conclusion of the track.  Most of the time songs thematically emit the primary emotions: love, anger, grief, joy etc…Centralizing one based on a secondary emotion, that effectively conveys the message, is backed by a perfect-complement of music, and sung with a soothing southern baritone….makes for one damn fine song!

The album drops tomorrow and we definitely recommend you grab a copy! In the meantime enjoy one of our favorite songs from the record, “A Woman”, below!

You can also find it here on our TMP Spotify Playlist:


Track Listing

  1. Bad Times Roll
  2. Less and Less
  3. Good People
  4. A Woman
  5. Sex and Alcohol
  6. Top of the Bottle
  7. My First Band
  8. Local Honey
  9. Tulsa
  10. How Lucky Am I
  11. Pictures Do
  12. God Be With You Till We Meet Again (feat. Kristi Grider)



  • Drums:  Fred Eltringham
  • Bass:  Tommy Lucido, Eli Bierd, Bobby Hamrick
  • Electric guitars:  Audley Freed, JT Corenfloss, Bobby Hamrick, Josh Grider
  • Acoustic guitars:  Chris Donegan, Bobby Hamrick, Josh Grider
  • Mandolin:  Chris Donegan, Bobby Hamrick
  • Steel: Lloyd Maines
  • Keys:  Tim Lauer, Dave Cohen, Bobby Hamrick
  • Background Vocals:  Kristi Grider, Kelley Mickwee, Walt Wilkins, Drew Kennedy, Bobby Hamrick



  • Produced by Bobby Hamrick
  • Engineered by Kameron Luchterhand with additional engineering by Bobby Hamrick and Truman Eltrignham
  • Mixed by Adam Odor at Yellow Dog Studios, Wimberley, TX
  • Mastered by Independent Mastering, Nashville, TN
  • Recorded at Sound Emporium B Room, Nasvhille, TN / Hamrick’s House of Hits, Nashville, TN / G-RideStudios, New Braunfels, TX







Author: Chris Fox

Music addict, a sucker for heartbreak songs, and avid Houston sports fan! I'am also the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Music Pickers.

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