Koe Wetzel Throws Out Rule Book with New Single “Austin”

Koe Wetzel doesn’t play by the rules. When releasing new music, often two of the most important factors are promotion and timing. You want to make people aware of the music, and you want to release it when the musical landscape provides the best opportunity for consumption longevity and exposure. In other words, two weeks in to December, when Christmas tunes run rampant over airways and speakers, and consumers are getting bombarded with advertising and strategically placed marketing dollars, is usually not seen as the most opportune time for artists to put out new (non-Christmas) music.  And if you do dare to venture in to these turbulent waters, the music better not be too sad, or about heartbreak, or too mellow, etc…

Well, Wetzel and crew pretty much just threw the entire rule book out the window with the release of their new single “Austin”.  Anxious fans of the sky-rocketing Stephenville outfit have waited nearly a year and half for new tunes, and here it drops in the middle of December with no warning and no pre-release marketing –so far, all I’ve seen is a tweet from the band at Midnight, last night (which is already at a couple thousand responses):

So what do you do when your next release is one of the most anticipated drops in recent memory and you have one of the most energetic and loyal grassroots followings in the scene? Put it out as a surprise, which compels your fans to spread the word in a way that no amount of marketing could possibly parallel at a time when no one else is releasing new music….Well played sir.


Check it out here:

You can also find it here on our TMP Spotify Playlist as well other great Texas, Americana, and Red Dirt: https://open.spotify.com/user/texas_music_pickers/playlist/4X1EDu99kIPVqHleQfLen2

Author: Chris Fox

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