Live with Cameron Havens [*Artist Spotlight*]

Singer/Songwriter Cameron Havens released his debut live EP “1/1 Sessions” on Jan. 20.

“1/1″ Sessions”

  1. The Shadows
  2. Ashes
  3. Ghosts
  4. Up in Smoke

Havens is no stranger to the various songwriter circles of Texas, having placed within the top songwriters in the Blue Light Dallas competitions and our own TMP Songwriter’s Competition. Today he will appear on this season of American Idol as a Texas singer/songwriter.

“1/1 Sessions” is a live recording heavily centered around lyrics. Havens described it as feeling “like a conversation” rather than dedicating a single genre to its craft. The way Havens weaves words over a simple electric guitar lick or a series of acoustic strums makes listeners really yearn for what’s coming next. His writing style is an example of true storytelling in songwriting.

“This album is raw,” Havens said. “It’s imperfect and emotional. It was made live, in front of a group of people that I care deeply about in a place that means the same.”

Within the EPs four tracks are pieces of who Havens is and what he’s experienced. You see his emotion in track “Ghosts,” a love letter to his girlfriend. “Ghosts” describes the imperfections of humanity, but the intense desire to love through it. Lyrics “you see right through the ghosts that are haunting me” summarizes the melancholy tune.

Single “The Shadows” is a harsher electric ballad of sin and secrecy. Havens exercises his vocal range in the chorus with lyrics “it’s taken a hold of me, oh it’s bound me to the gallows.” It’s a dark reminder of love and lust, filled with writing gold stars like alliteration and metaphorical anecdotes.

“I needed to have something to call mine and to share what I’ve created,” Havens said about the “1/1 Sessions.” “I wanted people to hear me and know who I was through my music. That’s one of the main reasons why it’s just me and a guitar.”

Havens is someone to watch in the songwriting scene. His ability to put the lyrical progression in the forefront of his songwriting is truly amazing for someone with a lifetime in the music industry ahead of him. Catch more of Havens at his live shows around the DFW area and on Sundays for American Idol.





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