Logan Samford – Stories Behind the Songs Spotify Playlist

Our third “Stories Behind the Songs” Spotify playlist welcomes Nazareth, Texas native Logan Samford!  The Fort Worth resident sat down to tell us about his debut self-titled EP and the stories behind several of the new songs and how the project came together as a whole.  Samford even dropped one of his best stories on us, went through the “TMP Lightning Round” of rapid questions, and let us in a little more into who he is.

So if you have a Spotify premium account, just click play on the first track (make sure it isn’t on shuffle), then sit back and enjoy insightful stories and great songs from one of the top artists in our scene directly on Spotify!

Logan Samford: Stories Behind the Songs (tracklisting)

  1. Logan Samford: Stories Behind the Songs Introduction and Interview (podcast track)
  2. Story Behind the Song I’m your Fool (podcast track)
  3. I’m Your Fool (music track)
  4. Story Behind the Song Whiskey Glass(podcast track)
  5. Whiskey Glass (music track)
  6. Story Behind the Song Too Far Gone (podcast track)
  7. Too Far Gone (music track)
  8. Story Behind the Song Good Lies (podcast track)
  9. Good Lies(music track)
  10. Story Behind the Song In It For You (podcast track)
  11. In It For You(music track)
  12. Story Behind the Song Broke Heart (podcast track)
  13. Broke Heart (music track)
  14. Getting to Know Logan Samford (podcast track)
  15. Lightning Round w/ Logan Samford (podcast track)
  16. Story Time with Logan Samford (podcast track)

*You have to have a Spotify premium account in order to listen to the playlist in order*

Playlist link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0044pSyJ7z5nsx0fNIR9yt?si=Dipl6O1RQG-DiXOn1SoJ6A

Stories Behind the Songs Playlist: Our “Stories Behind the Songs” playlist combines short podcast tracks that provide insight and commentary about a song that is then directly followed by the song track in the form of a Spotify playlist!

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