Our Favorite Albums of 2018 from Artist With Less Than 1K Spotify Followers (20-11)

We’ve compiled a list of our Top 40 Texas/Red Dirt projects of this year from artists with less than 1K followers on Spotify! Listed below each artist and album is the album/EP on Spotify.  Enjoy!

We published 40-31 on Monday and 30-21 yesterday, and we’ll publish 10-1 tomorrow.

*Each album was scored by the TMP Team on a scale from 1-50 and then the TMP Input Committee scored the albums on scale from 1-10.  The average of the TMP score was then added to the average of the TMP Input Committee score, and albums were ranked accordingly

*Over 400 musical projects were submitted to TMP this year*


20.  Kayla Ray – Yesterday & Me



19.  Kimberly Kelly – Don’t Blame it on Me



18.  Jody Booth – The Rosewood Tapes



17. Zach Coffey – Genesis 



16.  Jacob McCoy – Questions



15.  Ross Cooper – I Rode the Wild Horses



14.  Dylan Wheeler – Tell Me If I’m Wrong



13.  Cody Barnett – Cody Barnett



12.  Gabe Garcia – Cold Beer and a Suntan



11.  Bo Armstrong – Where We Are


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Author: TMP Team

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