Our Favorite Debut Album and EPs So Far….

5.  Koe Wetzel and the Konvicts– Out on Parole (Debut Album)

kw4I’m not going to lie, this album caught us by complete surprise.  We really dug their single last year “Between Two Bottles”, but really didn’t know what to expect on their first full-length album: “Out on Parole”.  After listening to it a handful of times, it easily became a major part our playlist’s rotation.  When we get tired of a song we take it off of our ever-changing main playlist at the office, so what’s supper impressive is that we added 6 of the 9 songs from this album back in January, and we haven’t taken one off!  “Wine Glass” is our favorite track from the album, and when my wife has control of the music, it is one of the first songs she goes to.  These guys haven’t received the amount of exposure they deserve for how great this record is, but we think that’s about to change very soon!

Favorite Tracks:  Wine Glass, Never Leave, Still All I See is You




Bonus Footage:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsP4OCgKc-o (Never Leave)


4.  Judson Cole – Eastern Skies (Debut Album)

jcbJudson Cole released two successful singles “Call Me Back Home” and “Leave Me Another Day” before releasing “Eastern Skies”, so we’re eagerly awaiting the album’s arrival.  We were not disappointed!  This kid is a great songwriter and we really love the diversity displayed in the album’s music!  The current single, “Time to Run” debuted on the Texas Music Chart’s Top 50 this week and we expect it to climb a lot higher than that!  “Heart of Mine” is hands down our favorite track on this album, and definitely one of our “go-to’s”.

Favorite Tracks:  Heart of Mine, Time to Run, Eastern Skies




Bonus Footage:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REks3mRWHWc  (Time to Run)


3.  Parker McCollum – The Limestone Kid (Debut Album)

pm2When we first came across Parker McCollum’s single “Meet You in the Middle”, we were hooked!  The album, “The Limestone Kid” gave us exactly what we were hoping for:  an original sound, impressionable songwriting and an authentic vibe.  What we love most about McCollum is his ability to tell stories through his songs.  The album is filled with straight-forward accounts of life that paint an honest, yet rhythmical picture.  Our favorite track is the recently released single, “High Above the Water”.  Just listen to it below, and see why we like it so much!

Favorite Tracks:  High Above that Water, Meet you in the Middle, Who’s Laughing Now




Bonus Footage:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yoGKANQeKw (Meet you in the Middle – Music Video)


2.  Dalton Domino – 1806 (Debut Album)

dd`Dalton Domino’s 1806 was one of the most anticipated debut albums from a Texas artist this year.  There was a lot of buzz surrounding this young man after the release of single, “Dallas,” and we were ecstatic when the album lived up to the hype!  This is a great record from start to finish and has some killer tracks!  He just released “Jesus and Handbags” and we’re expecting it to make its way inside the top 10!  Our favorite track is “All that Matters”.  It’s one of the slowest on the record, but there’s something about it’s simplicity that’s really moving.

Favorite Tracks:  All That Matters, Jesus and Handbags,  Still Find You




Bonus Footage:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESk5wHppTGk   (Jesus and Handbags)


 1.  Jamie Lin Wilson – Holidays and Wedding Rings  (Debut Album)

jlwJamie Lin Wilson’s debut solo album “Holidays and Wedding Rings” dropped this past May, and has been a huge part of our main playlist ever since.  Wilson’s folky voice, mixed with her graceful lyrics, make for one beautiful piece of work!  The album does a great job of creating timeless tracks, that paint a vivid picture in the listener’s mind.  Our favorite track is of course her duet with Wade Bowen, “Just Some Things”.  Wilson and Bowen’s vocals combine to make a poetic and emotional song that is best enjoyed on repeat!

Favorite Tracks:  Just Some Things, Just Like Heartache, You Left My Chair




Bonus Footage:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3T9ESFIjFI  (Just Like Heartache – Live)


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