Playlist: Pre-Summer Tunes


We’ve got some new tunes on our playlist and want to spread the good word.  Check them out, and feed your ears!

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Here’s who’s on this playlist:


aWilliam Clark Green

William Clark Green’s new album is exactly what we were hoping for.  It’s easily one of the best pieces of work we’ve come across this year, and while we could have put the whole album on this playlist, we stuck with our three favorite songs from the record:  “Old Fashioned”, “I Still Think About You”, and “Sticks and Stones”.



jw2Jon Wolfe 

Jon Wolfe is country, and damn good country at that.  His latest album Natural man is sure to please any traditional country enthusiasts and is one of best country productions we’ve across this year.  Our favorite tracks on the album:  “Outrun Her Memory”, “Natural Man”, and “It Just Feels Right”.



mkMatt Kimbrow

Matt Kimbrow has cranked out some great singles over the last 12 months, and his latest, “Living the Good Life”, is no exception.  Kimbrow’s enjoyment of what he’s doing, always seems to be embodied in his work, giving it a really enjoyable vibe.



jsJeremy Steding

Jeremy Steding has that perfect blend of classic country and modern flavor.  He’s a pure songwriter, and has a sound that’s immediately recognizable.  His new single, “Love, Love, Love” is upbeat, catchy, and has a great message.



aeAaron Einhouse

I’ll admit that I’m a little late the party on Aaron Einhouse.  He’s a good combination of Southern Rock, Americana, Roots, and Country and brings a lot of energy to his tracks.  I came across the track “Crow Town” last week, and it has been dominating my truck’s speakers ever since.  I also really like “Crazy & Love”.



ffr1Folk Family Revival

Folk Family Revival has a really solid sound and has been on our favorites shows this year.  The new album Water Walker has been getting a lot of positive buzz, and we love, love, love the introspective track “Drunk Again”.



mthMatt & the Herdsmen

We really like the new single by Matt & the Herdsmen, “Dance All Night”.  It’s fun, makes you want to dance, and reminds us of an early Randy Rogers song.  It’s definitely a toe-tapper, and we’re excited to see how well it does on the charts!



Kayla Ray

I came across Kayla Ray for the first time about 3 weeks ago, when I stumbled upon her single “South Side of Town” featuring Jason Eady.  It had a certain simplicity and elegance to it, that only truly talented artists can pull off.   I wanted more and then came across “I’d Rather Drive”, which is my favorite track on the recently released album “Love and Liquor”.




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