RioFrioFest Day 2 Recap!

Day #2 of RioFrioFest couldn’t be any wilder than it was. Cody Canada, Bri Bagwell, John Baumann, Bruce Robinson, Dalton Domino, and Wade Bowen sucker-punched the party-goers with country rock and blues.

Starting off at Joe Jimmy’s, Cody Canada’s set was filled with surprises—including the blistering Texas sun. Canada told personal stories behind his songs in detail with the crowd’s full attention. He even brought his children on stage to solo sing rock songs like “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”. The audience flocked to hear his kids shred their guitars.

A huge bonus of Canada’s Joe Jimmy’s performance was the attendance of his brother-in-law, Wade Bowen. Bowen’s set wasn’t until 10 PM at House Pasture, yet he still went out to enjoy the festival and hear his family slay the stage. Canada got Bowen on stage to play “Death, Dyin’, and Deviled Eggs” of Bowen’s new album “Solid Ground.” This impromptu performance had everyone in the outdoor cantina on their feet.

Later on in the evening, Dalton Domino opened up the House Pasture show. Domino’s performance was unlike any of the other previous performers this week. He mounted the stage, cigarette in hand, with his decked out crew.

Domino’s band likes to slow jam and feel the rhythm while on stage, playing many instrumentals that get the crowd flowing. “We’re blessed to even play,” Domino told TMP. “When the weather is so nice and the crowd is rad, it’s my favorite part of performing.”

Midway through Domino’s set, guitarist for Shea Abshier’s band Paul Oliger stepped on stage to assist in a few songs. Domino hyped Oliger up and had the girls literally screaming “Paul! Paul! Paul!” The power duo strummed their strings intensely, making the crowd bang their heads and shout.

Once Domino’s set finished, Bowen took the arena by storm with his widely popular songs and new album. Bowen had the women deep into “Mood Ring” and the men shouting along to “So Long 6th Street.”

Day #2 of RioFrioFest was the sunshine blasted, river running, and country filled day the spring breakers needed. We are beyond excited to experience this last day!

Author: Taylor Ashlynn

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