RioFrioFest Day One Foolery!

Day #1 at RioFrioFest in Concan, Texas is best described as a similar experience to shotgunning a beer: fun, fast, and immediately wild! Clay Hollis Band, Back in Black, Read Southall, Koe Wetzel, and Mike Ryan began our three day sippin’ and singin’ fest with a heavy guitar and packed power.

RioFrioFest Day One:
JoeJimmy’s Cantina
1 PM: Clay Hollis Band
3 PM: Back in Black (ACDC cover band)
House Pasture
7:30 PM: Read Southall
8:30 PM: Koe Wetzel
10 PM: Mike Ryan

Starting off our music experience was the Clay Hollis Band. Three-year Veteran of RioFrioFest’s JoeJimmy’s performances, Hollis said “it’s like coming home in a way.” He’s always taken care of and remembered. “RioFrio is a good place to meet other people and connect,” Hollis told TMP. “The whole thing is awesome, and you need to check it out if you’ve never been.”

Down at House Pasture, Read Southall was his usual light-hearted and funny self. Southall took the main stage with his band members and downed a few drinks to get the crowd buzzing. “I’ve never been down here,” Southall said. “I’m really kind of upset that we can’t stay here for a few days and drink our chests off.”

Southall didn’t have any problems getting the crowd to join in the shenanigans. “Towards the end of the set, everybody was jacked up and having a good time for some live music,” Southall said. “It’s a pasture party, and that’s what I’m used to!”

Another pasture party-goer is Koe Wetzel. He started off with the usual “Fuss & Fight” explosion of raw power and head banging. “It was a jubilee of fun,” Wetzel laughed. “We had a great time, but don’t drink and drive. Them game wardens are out there hunting.”

Although Wetzel’s favorite part of playing RioFrioFest is a little too inappropriate to talk about, the crowd’s favorite was definitely “Austin.” Wetzel’s band mates busted out the keyboard melody on the electric guitar, and the crowd lost their minds.

Ending the night, Mike Ryan had fun with the audience. His flirtatious personality on stage gave the audience great Snapchat shots and tons of laughter. Ryan’s a true performer, giving the fans the kind of fun and wildness we come to pasture parties for!

Day #1 was a banger and a dang tough act to follow. Stay updated with our Twitter, @TxMusicPickers, for RioFrioFest happenings, and keep an eye out for tomorrow’s recap of day #2!

Author: Taylor Ashlynn

Western Fashion Stylist, Funky Florist, Branding Aficionado, Southwestern Painter, & a big big fan of the harmonica! You can find me anywhere at @PinaTaylotta.

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