Russell Boyd: Piano Man to Texas Songwriter [Artist Spotlight]

You might know him as the traveling Texas piano man, but we know him as all-star entertainer Russell Boyd. With original single “End of the World” debuting May 23rd on the radio, we’d like to shed a spotlight on this versatile artist.

Boyd refers to himself as a Rock and Americana artist with a tinge of funk rap. He’s heavily influenced by 80’s Rock and Neo-traditional Country. However, Boyd brings this unexpected, fast-paced rap portion to his songs, providing a unique twist to a familiar sound.

Planning a career outside of being a top-tier piano bar performer, Boyd is excited to one-day play at his current steady venues, The Tap (College Station) and Brewster Street (Corpus Christi), as a full band with original music. “My main goals have been to get on the radio and Spotify playlists,” Boyd told TMP. “I’d like to have people around Texas know me from something other than piano bar, and I would like to not do fill-in gigs anymore.”

Boyd has not only become a part of the Texas songwriting family, but has also created a band debut EP set to release later this year, including two of his upcoming singles, “End of the World” and “It’s Been Real.”

With its release only a few days away, “End of the World” will be Boyd’s first song on regular radio rotation. It’s Alternative meets Country meets something fierce, produced by “master-of-all-musical-trades” Danny Smith at Studio 601. Boyd curated the song to have a “Johnny Cash thing on the verses and John Lennon vibes on the chorus.”

This single is an eerie story told by a smooth vocal range and bursting moments of energy. “World’s End” might be the only apocalyptic tune that can get you aching to swing around wildly on a dance floor or smash a few glass bottles on a concrete drive. “I like the imagery of the song,” Boyd said. “It’s got this kind of dark, weird thing.”

Opposite of his ominous story-telling, Boyd is actually an extremely social person. “I’ve grown more and more outgoing,” Boyd told TMP. “I want to drink with whoever wants to after my shows. I want to go off the stage and take pictures and meet new people.”

It takes a special kind of person to master all genres, thousands of lyrics, and remember hundreds of musical compositions to perform the way Boyd does— and this translates into his original music. His new single hits radio this week , and we encourage you to request it at your local and online stations! Be on the look out for the piano man making his transition to front-man!

Enjoy an early listen to “End of the World” below, and let us know what you think.







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