Single Spotlight: Aaron McDonnell – Get Gone

Our spotlight shines on Aaron McDonnell this week! We came across the Austin, Texas resident a few days ago after his new single “Get Gone” caught our ear!  Recorded at Bell Tree Studios in Austin with Gary C. James, McDonnell wrote the song while focusing on the optimistic side of a departure. “A lot of songs about leaving are about saying ‘goodbye’.  I wanted to do something on the subject that had more of a positive spin …like, inherently when you are leaving you are also saying ‘hello’ to something new” he told us.

Here at TMP, we really dig the vintage country sound of the track and alluring instrumentation.  McDonnell’s vocals radiate with the experience of someone well-versed in the subject-matter, and aided by a seasoned delivery.  The well-crafted lyrics paint an interesting picture of a relationship’s ending and the adventurous new beginning.

The song is the title track off of McDonnell’s 2016 EP, and debuted at #115 on the Texas Regional Radio Report last week!  The singer/songwriter is also gearing up for a new record this Fall, and already has plans for his next single this Summer. If that wasn’t enough excitement, he’s making is debut at Luckenbach, Cheatham Street, and The Redneck Country Club in the next few months as well!

We encourage you to go catch a show, and help us push this one further up the charts by requesting it on your local and online radio stations! 

Check out the single below, and let us know what you think!

You can also check it out here, along with other great Texas, Southern Americana, and Red Dirt tunes >







Author: Chris Fox

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