Single Spotlight: Bri Bagwell – “Crazy”

Bri BagwellOur spotlight shines on a long time favorite of Texas Music Pickers, Bri Bagwell.  “Crazy” jumped from #95 to #74 this week on the Texas Regional Radio Report and credited the chart’s “Record to Watch”.  Written by Bagwell, she told us the inspiration behind the tune came after a boyfriend said she was acting crazy.  Her response was “you’re dang right I’m crazy!  You make me this way, so it’s not my fault!” Bagwell went on to joke,“ ‘Crazy’ was written because I believe that behind every crazy woman, is a man who made her that way! …Or at least that is my excuse.”  After trying the song out at shows, the reception was so great, she recorded it and is now releasing it to radio.

This song stood out to Texas Music Pickers due to Bagwell’s exceptional voice and the outstanding songwriting!  Her vocals are powerful, yet feminine, which relays the message of the song perfectly.  With lyrics like “because now a’days it seems there’s no meeting in the middle, and I go to these extremes just so you’ll give a little”, the story of the song is painted in to the listeners mind.  Bagwell once again shows her completeness as a songwriter and vocalist.Bri Bagwell

There is also a music video for the track that will be released July 23rd. She told us “I wanted to incorporate some things in the video that have made girls (well, me included) act a little insane: a boyfriend checking out other girls, flirting with bartenders, sneakily texting, etc…  The video leaves a lot up for interpretation too.  I’m interested to see what people think about it!”

In our opinion, another release, another hit!  We encourage you to help us push this up the charts, by requesting it on your local and online radio stations.


Check out the single below!

Author: Chris Fox

Music addict, a sucker for heartbreak songs, and avid Houston sports fan! I'am also the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Music Pickers.

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