Single Spotlight: Josh Grider – You Dream, I’ll Drive

grider sqOur spotlight shines on one of our favorite songwriters this week, Josh Grider.  “You Dream, I’ll Drive”  is just outside of the Texas Music Chart’s top 50 and is #54 on the Texas Regional Radio Report.  Written by Grider and Ken Johnson, the track was produced and recorded at the Bismeaux Studios in Austin, TX.   Grider and Johnson have written together several times, including two of Josh’s five #1’s: “Summer and Sixteen” and “White Van”.   “We were hanging out writing one day when we stumbled across the little descending riff and the words followed soon after.  We were just imagining getting out of town with our respective love interests and heading south.” Grider told us.  “There is something that always seems better when you head south, especially for country people.” Grider continued, “ It seems like the concrete, and the big cities, and the traffic, and the grind, happen up north.  For a lot of people, it seems like the South has connotations of escape, fun, easy, freedom, good weather, and home.  This guy is saving the girl from the grind, and they are just pointing the car south, and he’s telling her to think up whatever she wants…anything is possible.”

This tune caught Texas Music Picker’s attention due how well the easy going vibe of the track, mixed with the simple, yet poetic lyrics.  The song is easy tojg2 listen to, and does a great job embodying the liberation often felt in a drive to anywhere.  This is the type of tune that makes for a great soundtrack to a Texas Sunday drive with the windows down.

This track is the only full-band produced song on an otherwise acoustic project Grider is releasing at the end of this month called “Brokedown”.  When asked about the upcoming release, Grider said,  “Anyone who has followed my career from the get go, knows I’m not afraid to take a left hand turn from the right hand lane.  After two albums with pretty slick production, I wanted to do something a little more organic.  Yes, you are going to hear a note or two out of tune, and my guitar playing is far from perfect, but sometimes it’s nice to hear some humanity in a recording.  I certainly look forward to my next full production album, but for 2015 this is my offering.  I love all these songs, and for those who dig something a little more personal and chilled out…this one is for you.”  We don’t know about you guys, but here at TMP, we are super excited about this project!

We expect “You Dream, I’ll Drive” to be Grider’s sixth #1 hit, and we want you to help us get it there by requesting it on your online and local radio stations!


Check out this great single below!






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Josh Grider and Haley Cole will be our featured artists in our Songwriter Series at the Grand Stafford Theater in Downtown Bryan on 8/28. 

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