Single Spotlight: Judson Cole Band – “Call Me Back Home”

jcThe charts may be frozen this week, but Texas Music Pickers’ spotlight is not. The Judson Cole Band’s “Call Me Back Home” is at #69 this week on the Texas Regional Radio Report. Written by front man Judson Cole, and produced by Jude Dylan, Cole told us he had the first verse of the song in his head for months but didn’t really know what to do with it. “I didn’t know what I would put in the chorus yet. I sort of put the song on hold and started writing another song that I eventually ended up using as the chorus for ‘Call Me Back Home.” After listening to advice from his father to “never throw out an unfinished song or a line to a song”, Cole finished the tune and began playing it for friends and family. Pleased with the reception, the band decided to go with it as their first radio single. “The song keeps continuing to jump up the charts. We can only hope it gets higher”, Cole added.


The song stood out to Texas Music Pickers due the punch the chorus delivers and the wonderful vocals. You can feel the emotion in the chorus, and the buildup of the music relays the feeling of release, as Cole gets the message (chorus) off of his chest. The delivery draws on the listener’s sympathy with the frustration of chasing a girl who’s hesitant because of past broken hearts. Adding to the polished track is Cole’s crisp vocals, which sound even better with the angelic female harmonies.  Overall it’s a complete track, poised for the Texas charts.jc1

You can be a little less lonely, and I can be a little less angry,
but we can’t see, cuz your holding on to yesterday,
you’re just breaking my heart, to know you’re alone,
waiting on me, why don’t you call me back home

Previous to this single, we had never heard of the Judson Cole Band, but now they are on TMP’s radar! For a debut radio single, it’s had impressive movement on the charts. We think this one will crack the Top 50 within a few weeks and could possibly climb beyond that.  For more info on the Judson Cole Band check out the following:


Listen to the single “Call Me Back Home” below!


Author: Chris Fox

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