Single Spotlight: Saints Eleven – I Dont

SingleCoverOur spotlight shines on Saints Eleven this week.  “I Don’t” has been skyrocketing up the charts the last few weeks and makes a 10 spot jump to #46 on Week 29’s Texas Regional Radio Report! Written by front-man Jeff Grossman, the track was produced by Bart Rose at Fort Worth Sound.

“‘I Don’t’ is just a flat out I-can’t-stand-you-song. It’s about being in a relationship you hate being in, but you’re too afraid of what’s on the other side to leave.  People relate to this tune, because most everybody has been there at some point in their life”, Grossman told us.

The last line of the chorus really says it all: “‘And I wish that you’d just leave me alone, but I don’t!”  We can definitely relate to the song’s story and really dig the
mixture of dirty bluegrass (not sure if I just made that term up?) and gritty southern rock.  Their sound is creatively unique (hence why I’m having to make up terms to describe it) and above all else, energetic!  The song’s tempo keeps you moving, and the chorus keeps you singing along.

This is our favorite single from Saints Eleven so far, and with the way it’s moving, we’d expect it be their highest charting single as well!  Apparently we’re not the only ones who feel they’re really on to something.  “The feedback on the new album [“I Told You”] has been incredible!  We would like say a huge, huge thanks to our fans out there for all the great support they’ve been giving us” Grossman concluded.

Help us push this one up the charts by requesting it on your online and local radio stations!  Check out “I Don’t” below!






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