Single Spotlight: Triston Marez – Out on the Dance Floor

Every once in a while we come across an artist that seem to just have that “it” factor; and that’s most certainly the case with Triston Marez!  While he may only be on his 2nd single release, he’s already presented a complete sound, well-honed songwriting and a solid presence; not to mention a remarkable foundation of social media followers.  Needless to say, he has definitely made a big splash on our radar since coming across his debut single, “Take Me Home” and now we’re excited to shine the spotlight on his newest single, “Out on the Dance Floor”!  

After the way his debut single came out, it was an easy choice for Marez to return to Stormy Cooper Media in Houston, Texas. “Everyone in that studio is so damn talented with everything they do” the ranch-hand and bull-rider told TMP. “It’s a blessing to be able to present a song to a team of talented musicians and get exactly what you expected from the recording process plus more.”

Produced by Lynden Hughes, Marez felt that he shared the “exact vision when it came to the production side of the song” with “big drums and a foot-tappin’ guitar riff with a screaming Texas fiddle that would get everyone wanting to dance the minute they heard the intro. Chad Ware, one of the most talented guitar players out there, did one hell of a job on the guitar side; putting his own touch on the lead guitar and solo parts. We spent some time dialing down the exact sound we all wanted and I gotta give him and Lynden all the credit on finding that perfect sound.”

Marez wrote the song with the help of a few Coors “Banquets”, while reflecting on a time when he was going through a breakup. “I remember just wanting to go out and find me someone to dance with to get my mind off it, and that’s kinda where the idea came from. I stayed in that Friday night and wrote most of the song. I texted my momma who happens to be an amazing singer/ songwriter and we finished the 3rd and 4th verse. When we were through, we had ourselves a dancin’ song!”  

“The guy in the song isn’t looking to take anyone home, or to get anything new started with someone”, the Houston, Texas resident clarified, “he simply just wants a night out dancin’. He’s looking to get real close to someone new and forget about what that girl who tore him down did to him in a two-steppin Texas-kinda-way.”

Here at TMP we’re absolutely digging this one!  It’s a toe-tapper that makes you want to do exactly what the song says: get “out on the dance floor”. The strong country instrumentation immediately catches your attention and then Marez’s twangy vocals carry it all the way home. Between the relatable message and chorus that grabs a hold of you, it’s no wonder it’s already been streamed nearly 35K times on Spotify in the four weeks since it’s release.  In fact, it had the *MOST STREAM INCREASE* and was the *BIGGEST JUMPER* on this week’s Texas Music Spotify Chart!

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re also excited to announce that there’s more on the way! “I plan to release one more song as a single here in a few weeks, but I am currently working on a album that I am planning on releasing here late summer, or beginning of fall.”, Marez told us.   

We encourage you to be on the lookout for upcoming shows, and stay tuned for new tunes from this promising up-and-coming Texas songwriter!  In the meantime check out the current single, “Out on the Dance Floor”, below, and let us know what you think!




You can also hear “Out on the Dance Floor”, as well as other great Texas Country, Red Dirt, and Amercina here on our TMP Spotify Playlist!





Author: Chris Fox

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