Taylor’s Top Shop: Band Merch You Need

Howdy! Welcome to the first edition of Taylor’s Top Shop.

In the country music industry, we see fashion ranging from Alan Jackson’s light wash jeans to Ryan Bingham’s slick black hats and Kacey Musgraves’ high pink cowgirl boots. Rummaging around my closet, I realized I’m a Texas Country/Americana/Red Dirt T-shirt hoarder. I swear I buy something at every concert I attend, as if I didn’t have enough tees to begin with. Working for Texas Music Pickers, I’m obviously a huge supporter of our upcoming artists. However, I feel like the fashion in our scene SLAPS and is unrecognized! It’s versatile, unique and ready-to-wear. Throughout this new series, I plan to highlight band merchandise, various artists’ personal styles, shops behind the brands, and where to get staple fashion pieces you can find on your favorite musicians. Can’t wait to take y’all on this turquoise studded, leather-coated wild ride!

The first edition of Top Shop is band merchandise you NEED in your arsenal. I’m talking shirts, hats and jewelry. Here are some of my top *PICKS* for upcoming artist merch. Grab your hands on some of these pieces and tag @PinaTaylotta on Twitter/Instagram with your styling for shout-outs!

Chris Colston’s Buffalo Hat


There’s nothing like a pair of fresh white sneakers– except maybe a crisp white hat. This white buffalo flat-brim is a statement piece. It’s both simple and clean, while still offering the perfect amount of curiosity. In the center of the cap is a buffalo head, centered by two stars. The silver threading gives a versatile and professional touch to the hat. Yet, the black threading is reminiscent of those classic three-stripe white Adidas. Pair this hat with a navy or royal blue shirt and Air Force 1’s.

Purchase at a live Chris Colston show. See him live and snag a hat, two birds with one stone!

Jon Stork’s Neon Rainbow (Armadillo) Koozie

Ever in need of a heavy duty, wear-n-tear koozie? Stork’s denim koozie with yellow lettering is for you. Its strong denim is thick enough to keep from getting soggy and remains firm instead of loosening out after use. The yellow armadillo stamped at the bottom of the koozie is the perfect conversation starter. “Woah, is that an armadillo on that koozie?” “Yeah, that there’s er ‘dillo there.” Pair this accessory with a Miller Lite and raging body of water.

Purchase at: https://squareup.com/store/JonStork/item/denim-neon-rainbow-koozie

Grant Gilbert’s Double  G Snake Shirt

This gritty T-shirt is a heather gray with washed out black snakes intertwining. It’s a perfect worn-out, old tee while still being brand new. If you’re more of a steel-toe boot and smokey bar kind of person, this rocking shirt is for you. Pair it with a dingy denim or leather jacket and Converse.

Purchase at: http://www.grantgilbertmusic.com/store.html

Kaitlin Butts’s Wild Rose Silver Necklace

Unlike anything on the Texas Country music scene, Butts offers this unique sterling silver wild rose necklace. Complete with a “wild” banner and silver rose charm, this piece is a MUST for gypsies, desert dwellers and wild-hearted wanderers alike. It’s a self-declaration of strength and freedom. Pair the necklace with a faded v-neck and turquoise slabs.

Purchase at: https://kaitlinbutts.com/store/product/wild-rose-necklace/

Corey Hunt’s Wild Gypsy T-Shirt

WANTED: Beautiful lady with a dark side. This tee is softly threaded with a faded Americana-styled gypsy outline. Like Gilbert’s snake tee, Hunt’s red woman is for the thrill seekers. Although this shirt offers a feminine touch with the gypsy’s beauty, it’s still a gruff item. For a sweeter wear, pair the shirt with a wild rag and shredded denim shorts. For a grunge look, pair it with a black jacket, snake boots and worn black Stetson.

Purchase at: https://squareup.com/store/CoreyhuntBand/item/wild-heart-gypsy-t

Shea Abshier & The Nighthowler’s Camo Koozie

Okay, this one’s for the NFR fashion followers. Camo reigns as a top selling design in country fashion and matches with virtually anything. This koozie should be in your every day use. Let the camo peek out of your back pocket, ready for whatever cold beverage comes its way. It’s a good day when your koozie brings all the NFR bloggers to your yard, am I right? Pair this bad boy with those slim fit, cut-at-the-heel jeans and a craft beer.

Purchase at: https://squareup.com/store/sheaabshierandthenighthowlers/item/koozie-camo

Dylan Wheeler’s Feather T-Shirt


Dark gray and mint, this shirt is calling your name. Can’t you hear it whisper, “bet you’d get a date in this shirt?” We partnered with Wheeler on Twitter for a merchandise competition: What’s your best pairing with a Wheeler shirt? Fans Brandi Martin (@BrandiiMartin) and Bailee Seale (@BaileeAnnSeale) submitted their perfect pairings. Brandi wore her comfy T-shirt with a leather concho necklace, and her wild flower tattoo complimented nicely. Bailee took her shirt on a casual date, pairing it with a rod-n-reel. We can’t tell if she’s reeling in fish or followers– but anyone in a fun feather shirt is probably one to follow. Pair this tee with whatever you want, y’all!

Purchase at a live show or contact Wheeler on Twitter (@DylanWBand) for your fit.

Parker McCollum T-Shirt Mystery Bundle


Announced on Jun. 1st, McCollum’s T-shirts are buy one get one free!  Buy one you love and they’ll send you a random one, as well. Are you excited? Are you nervous? (You gettin’ money? You think the people you with are with you? LOL.) This is a STEAL DEAL. For indecisive yet fashionable people, this is the perfect way to pick a shirt and get the others you wanted, too. Take advantage of this deal while it lasts! Pair your McCollum tee with a harmonica holder and red plaid hoodie.

Purchase at: https://parker-mccollum-merch.myshopify.com/

Author: Taylor Ashlynn

Western Fashion Stylist, Funky Florist, Branding Aficionado, Southwestern Painter, & a big big fan of the harmonica! You can find me anywhere at @PinaTaylotta.

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