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DIY National House Concert Tours

The Gibbonses

Jackie and Brandon Gibbons, known as The Gibbonses, are coming off of their second successful national house-concert tour, and will be unlocking the immense financial and community building wealth of opportunities that come from performing House Concerts. They will share their personal experiences and the actionable steps that any artist can take to book, plan, and execute their very own national tour using this performance model.



Social Media for Musicians

Chris Fox

Chris Fox will be leading the session on how to optimize your band’s social media usage. Not only will he discuss how to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram more effectively, he’ll also be guiding you through what’s on the horizon in digital marketing. He’ll cover the best ways to engage fans, the type of content that responds best to the platform’s algorithms, best practices for boosting posts, the most common mistakes bands make, converting social media followers in to fans, and much more!



Resources of the Texas Music Office

Brendon Anthony

Brendon Anthony will be giving us a run-down on all of the tools and resources the Texas Music Office provides artists, as well as, shedding light on the link between business development and the Texas music scene.






Inside the World of Artist Management

Robin Schoepf

Robin Schoepf will be focusing on how to set up and maintain organization for touring bands, tour management (with or without a tour manager) and what to consider before seeking management.



Radio Promotion 101

Clay Neuman

Clay Neuman will be offering insights and answering questions on the decisions artists should make when deciding to go to radio, the process he and his teams goes through when adding people to their roster, how radio promotion has changed over the last few years, and much more!



Insights into Booking

Chad Kudelka

Chad Kudelka will be offering insights on the most important aspects artists should consider when looking for a booking agent, the decision process his agency goes through when adding artists to their roster, the biggest mistakes artists make when seeking/pitching to a booking agent, and much more!



Pick our Brain

John Dickson, Katie Key, Dave Lytle

The “Pick Our Brain” session, is designed for artists to get advice and ask questions on…..well pretty much anything! Whether it’s a question about the music side, the business side, or somewhere in between, this session is to ensure seminar attendees don’t go home with any unanswered questions – We’ve brought in three highly-respected industry experts that really know the scene in and out and have a combination of background and experience that is sure to provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise!



Demystifying Spotify

John Marks

John Marks will be demystifying the world’s largest streaming platform, providing insights on the role Spotify plays in the Texas/Red Dirt scene, as well as the country music scene in general, giving advice on how to pitch to playlists, showing artists how they can best utilize the tools and resources of Spotify, and much, much, more!



Keynote Artist Interview

William Clark Green

William Clark Green will sit down with Katie Key, for an in-depth interview, discussing his ongoing journey to be at the top of the scene, how he overcame some of his early obstacles, and provide insights to up-and-comers about his success and mistakes at the beginning of his career. This is one story you don’t want to miss!


7:00 PM – ?

Seminar After-Party

The Tap

Immediately following will be an after party at The Tap. Not only will attendees have the opportunity to network over cocktails, we are also flipping on the sound system and opening up the stage, so artists can get in front of some of the seminar’s industry experts, the fine folks at The Tap, us, and the rest of the seminar attendees in a song-swap format!


More information on the seminar available here: Texas Music Seminar

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