The Facebook Event Conundrum, YouTube’s Music Streaming Service, the Pareto Principle and Other Thoughts

The Facebook Event Conundrum

By now, you’ve probably noticed that I’m not very optimistic on Facebook’s long term outlook for our scene.  One of the biggest problems that’s emerging is the lack of alternatives for Facebook events. Events are without a doubt the most effective way to market a show/festival, but with the younger generation opting out of Facebook (on top of other issues for the platform), how do you reach potential ticket buyers with same effectiveness? At this point, you can’t.  There are no similar options on Instagram or Snapchat and nothing seems to be in the works. .

Sounds like a gap in the market is arising, and if I knew how to code, I’d be working on a solution.


Brace Yourself, the YouTube Ads are Coming

YouTube is preparing to launch its music subscription service soon. How do they plan on converting free-users to paying ones? By chalking the free version full of ads…but I don’t think that’s going to have the results they think it will.

In my opinion, YouTube has such a large market share of the music streaming industry, not because it’s a great platform for listening to music, but because it’s free.  Soooo…..if people are driven from the free version of the platform because of ads, and have to find a paid subscription service to satiate their music fix, I doubt it’s going to be YouTube they convert to.  If I’m Spotify or Apple music, I’m licking my chops….


20% of your Fans do 80% of the Work

The people listening to your music don’t all provide the same level of fandom.  They likely range from occasional listeners to super-fans. They’re not equal; and this is especially true when it comes to spreading your music via word of mouth. A small proportion is doing the majority of the work.  Economists call this the Pareto Principle. It states that roughly 80% of effects, come from 20% of the causes. In other words, 20% of your fans account for 80% of your organic music growth.

Here’s another way to think about it.  If you gained 100 new fans last week from word of mouth, it likely didn’t come from 100 of your current fans each telling one new person.  It much more likely came from something like, 20 current fans each telling 4 new people, (as well as a few 1:1 in there as well). This 20% of your fan base are the trendsetters and/or music selectors for their group of friends.  They’re the self-appointed DJ’s for the party. They’re the controllers of the auxiliary cord on road trips, and they always have a song that you NEED to hear. They’re the ones who come across a new song, and send the Spotify/YouTube/iTunes link over text messages, or post on social media and tag their friends.

Your music doesn’t grow in a linear, person-to-person fashion.  It grows in hubs; one person distributes to a group of people.


Smart Speakers

Don’t kid yourself, smart speakers like the Amazon echo are already having an impact on music consumption, and this is only likely to increase.  I’m not sure how it’s going to affect consumption, but I would be paying attention. We’re only at the beginning….


American Idol Judges

I’m actually really liking Katy Perry and Lionel Richie as judges on American Idol.  I like their feedback, and the way they interact with the artists. They both seem very genuine.  In all honestly, I went in with the mindset of putting my dislike of Luke Bryan’s music out of the equation, and only looked at him as a judge, but he sucks at that too.  He does nothing for me. He provides little, is boring, and always seems to be looking over at the other two judges as if he needs their reaction to validate his. Keep Lionel and Katy, and find a different 3rd judge.


Email Marketing

I’m going to keep preaching it! Artist-controlled social media marketing is becoming less valuable and more expensive, and email marketing isn’t.  Both of these statements will likely be true for at least 5 more years. If you’re not building your email lists right now, you’re already behind….


American Idol Originals

There have already been some pretty great originals performed on American Idol so far.  Soooo….when can we get an entire show based off of originals? I think it would be a hit!  If you’re really looking for a star, they’ve got to have a whole lot more than just a voice.  How many winners of American Idol, The Voice, etc… really have long-term success? Not many.  If you have a national search for someone with a great voice, AND has the ability to write great tunes, how you can not find a star-in-the-making?  


Delete it before it’s Delipidated

If you’re an artist actively pursuing your music career, but haven’t been keeping up with your Facebook page, Twitter page, website, etc… delete it, rather than just letting it sit there completely outdated.  It’s not a good look.

Author: Chris Fox

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