To Add Other Significant Events

Before submitting an event, please read the following information:


This calendar is for announcements on upcoming significant events that are relevant the Texas/Red Dirt Scene but do not fit in the any of the categories only.  If the event is not a significant event or related to the Texas/Red Dirt Scene it will not be approved. (CONCERTS DO NOT FIT IN THIS CATEGORY)


What we constitute as a significant event is something that would be relevant to a large portion of our audience: An award show, a music conference, a songwriter workshop etc…  


Title:  Please provide a clear and concise title.  Please keep titles relatively short and avoid sensationalist terminology. 

Event Description:  Please provide a description of the event.  This is where you want to put almost all of your info: marketing message, format, FAQ’s, event background, embedded content etc…

Event Date & Time: Please provide the time and date of the event

Event Image:  We recommend you provide an event image

Event Categories: Other

Event Tags:  If you want to put tags like “award show”, “Texas Country”, “Americana” you’re more than welcome to, but you can also feel free to leave this blank. 

Venue Details: Please provide information about the venue specifically

Organizer Details:  Please provide information about the organizers about the event for anyone who may want to contact you for more information or ask questions.

Event Website:  We encourage you to provide a link to the event website, rather than the ticket page

Event Cost: You can put in your pricing or leave it blank.


You’ll also be able to edit your event after it is published. 


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What am I allowed to make an event submission for?

Any upcoming significant event that’s relevant to the Texas/Red Dirt Scene.


What constitutes as significant?

Usually we look for the following (although some exceptions may apply):

  • Something people from all of the state or region would attend
  • Something a large portion of Texas/Red Dirt music fans would be interested in
  • Something a large portion of Texas/Red artists would be interested in
  • Something of high notoriety 


Why don’t concerts fit in this category?

We feel like there are plenty of great resources for keeping up concerts these days and we want to concentrate more on events that are relevant to people all over the entire scene.


Why was my event not approved?

If your event was not approved, it’s more than likely because of one of the following reasons:

  • The event was not related to the Texas/Red Dirt Music Scene
  • The event was not seen as “Significant” 
  • There was not enough information provided in the event submission
  • There was inappropriate or unprofessional language in the event submission


What can I embed?

Pretty much anything that will give you an HTML embed code: Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook etc…


Is there a way to make my event stand out on our website?

Yes.  We can make your event a “featured” event for $25 a week.  Your event will be highlighted and appear larger that the rest of the events.  Email us for more information: 


How long will it take for an event to be approved?

Typically, 2-3 business days


Can I edit my event after it is submitted?

Yes.  In fact, we encourage you to update it with any new relevant information.


What’s the best way to utilize this calendar?

  1. Get your event submitted as far out as possible
  2. Provide good information.  Include as much as relevant information as possible. .
  3. Provide good-looking artwork.
  4. Update it with any new pertinent information.