Twitter, Our Spotify Chart, Music Exploration and Other Thoughts

Twitter Taking Charge

Maybe it’s the president, maybe it’s the free-agency periods of the NBA and NFL and National Signing Day for the NCAA,  maybe it’s the musicians….it’s probably a combination of all of those and many more factors….but Twitter continues to distinguish itself as the place to be to discuss current events!  Between “Facebook burnout” and it’s non chronological newsfeed, where do people go to keep up with, and talk, current events? Not Instagram, not SnapChat; the best choice is Twitter.  Twitter also forces people to keep it brief, making it both quicker and easier to take in, or skip past.  It’s how we want to information these days: quick, easy, and chronological.

You want proof it’s the place to be?  Twitter for the first time in history made a profit. Just two years ago it was headed for financial doom.  The tide has changed…at least for now.

Check out the Twitter presence of rising stars like Parker McCollum, Koe Wetzel, Read Southall and more…it’s where that all-important 18-24 demographic is at; and they lead the technology trends.

If you’re not working your Twitter game, now’s the time to get on it.  


Our Spotify Chart

I love reading the comments about our Texas Music Spotify Chart like “I listened to a least half of those streams for (song X).” The fans feel a part of it. They can see their contributions. I dig it!


More Exploration

Our scene is beginning to really explore the music.  Artists are taking more risks, being more creative with the production, and pushing genres to new boundaries. It seems more and more artists are shedding their fear, and making the album they want to. Between streaming services and social media, you have all the distribution and most of the marketing ability you need. The fans decide what’s popular, not the industry. It’s more art, and less business. You could start to sense more artistic approach in the music last year, and now you’re really starting to hear glimpses of it in this year’s catalog. You can feel it. It catches the tips of your senses.  Some of it hits, some of it doesn’t, but I think we’re at the tip of the iceberg of a couple of artistic and innovative years; and that’s pretty damn exciting!


Facebook Likes

Facebook likes on an artist’s page mean little these days.  I’m much more interested in how many Monthly Listeners on Spotify, Email subscribers, Twitter followers, and Instagram followers an artist has.


Flying-under the “Radar”

Knowing and covering what’s “popular” has never been harder; especially in the music scene.  Only a short time ago, if you were killing it, you were covered by the music press, on the radio charts, and being pushed by someone who got the word out.  The streaming/digital age has given rise to artists amassing fans, getting a following, and reaching new listeners, without it coming from the top down.  We’re entering a phase where fans will likely know what’s popular before the industry does.


Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Good Sound Guy/Girl

Sound is the last thing you want to skim on. If you’re a promoter, venue, festival organizer, or maybe an artist who gets some say-so on the sound, GET A GOOD SOUND GUY/GIRL!  There’s always a noticeable difference in sound quality between guys who know what they’re doing, and guys who don’t. Always.

I’ll take a crappy sound system with a good sound guy, over a crappy sound guy with a good system.  Every time.



Setbacks happen, the scene changes, technology revolutionizes, some albums hit and some don’t — the ones that stay successful are the ones that figure out a way to persevere through it all.  Just like every other industry, there are highs and lows; however when you’re a musician/singer/songwriter, you’re not in “every other industry”.  You’re an entrepreneur, in an over-saturated market, trying to make a living off our your own artwork.  The highs are high and the lows are low.  Sometimes they feel crushing, overbearing, and make you think of throwing in the towel. The key is to not make any major decisions while you’re in that mindset.  Take a deep breath, power through it and let the situation make you stronger. You’ll likely come out on the other side of it in a matter of time.


You Do Make a Difference!

If you’re a fan of this scene, spread the word! Tell people about it.  Introduce them to our bands.  Drag them to concerts.  Post about our scene on your social media accounts. Anything, and everything helps!

I believe our scene to be in a pretty good place, and the future outlook looks bright; that’s in large part due to word of mouth!  Keep it up guys! 

Author: Chris Fox

Music addict, a sucker for heartbreak songs, and avid Houston sports fan! I'am also the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Music Pickers.

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