Video Spotlight: Southern Junction Band – Broken Wing

We came across this video while looking for submissions for our Texas Music Breakthrough, and we’re really impressed!  It’s a great song with a very well done video!  Check out “Broken Wing” below!




Gerald Salzarulo or “Sal” as his fans call him is no newcomer to Texas Country, he has been around the scene but mainly in the background until now. All across East Texas he has been delivering exciting high energy shows since he first picked up a guitar. Now 14 years, a professional Single, 1 upcoming EP and over 500 shows later his fans will tell you he hasn’t missed a beat.In what some would call the heart of the bible belt Sal made a name for himself and fine-tuned his talent playing showssjb1 wherever would allow him to play during the week and performing Sunday mornings at church in small town Alto Texas. He would carry his guitar with him to school every day and play at lunch, in class, during breaks, and even before and after football games determined to be the next big thing. Sal put the dream on the backburner upon graduation and joined the Marine Corps. Here he took his guitar with him and was given his first taste of playing to people outside of East Texas.

Now back home in Texas Sal has once again picked up his dream and spends time performing and writing songs with his band “Southern Junction Band”. After hearing some of Sal’s new music, a long time connect Lee Wayne Prince from “Red Dirt Hurricane” came along and allowed Sal the opportunity to record his first professional single sjb“Broken Wing”. Naturally Sal accepted and made his way to Stormy Cooper Media in Houston Texas where he produced his first single and has since distributed it all over Texas on ITunes and other media platforms. Sal is currently in the process of recording his Debut EP “Back to Jail” with Southern Junction Band.

The process has been no cakewalk for Sal and every day brings forth a new challenge. His family and friends remain close at heart however and consistently inspire and humble him to continue on his journey. Sal continues to write a timeline to his success in the music that he makes; constantly striving to write songs that he and his fans can relate to playing anywhere and everywhere that will let him.







Author: Chris Fox

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