Zach Bryan Sends “Shivers Down Our Spine” With New Album “DeAnn”

Dependence, religion, love and loss, these are the words that come to mind when listening to Zachary Bryan’s latest project, “DeeAnn.”

Bryan’s music has spread like wildfire over the past few months thanks to the power of social media. Bryan’s grassroots following has been something to watch as support has come from some of the most influential bloggers, music fans and musicians alike.


While we’ll be the first to admit, the production isn’t flawless on this first project, one minute into the first track, you’ll throw that thought out the window because the lyrics are so damn good.

Bryan’s lyrics will bring chills down your spine and tears to your eyes. The imagery in his songs remind us of names like Childers, Isbell, and Felker; big names to be compared to for such a young songwriter.

With no website, no Facebook music page, no radio, no publicity, and no touring, this album has become one of the most buzzed-about albums in songwriter circles in just 36 hours from it’s drop.  Bryan has already amassed over 2K followers, 10K monthly listeners, and over 100K combined streams on Spotify!

This is the kind of music that breaks your heart and heals it at the same time. If heavyheartedness and conviction could combine and create a sound, it would be this album, and that is the biggest compliment I could give.

If you haven’t, check out Bryan’s latest project which is out on Spotify. We expect this is just the beginning for the young singer-songwriter.

Our picks from Bryan’s latest projects are Shivers Down Spines, Flying or Crying and God’s speed. You can hear all of these and more on our TMP Spotify Playlist!

Author: Jodi Cockrell

Contributor for Texas Music Pickers|Production Manager|High Pines Media

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