10 Female Artists to Follow

With the evolution of today’s social climate, it’s certain that there’s a strong demand for equal representation of female to male artists in radio play, booking and festival lineups. Music industry experts and artists themselves have voiced different reasons why female representation is lacking on such a widespread level, all of which contain partial truths. More people need to go to women’s shows. More people need to stream female artists. More people need to actually put the numbers behind these absolute female powerhouses. However, we’re not here to argue about the very real struggles of female musicians, but enlighten you on who are up-and-coming artists to keep an eye on and support in the near future. Here are 10 Americana/Red Dirty/Country female musicians to follow.

Graycie York- Texas Country

This Rockwall native recently released her first single “Patsy Kind of Night” which we added to our TMP Playlist. She’s a Texas Country artist, stemming from classic country with a little bit of rock sprinkled in. She’s opened for TMP favorites like Chris Colston, Tanner Usrey, Lucas Jagneaux and Jordan Nix. York’s inspirations include Kaitlin Butts, Patsy Cline, Chris Stapleton, Miranda Lambert and “anyone with a smokin’ cigarettes and drinkin’ whiskey voice.”

What York wants her listeners to hear when listening to her music: “I want people to see an old soul with a mix of the newer Texas Country, that I love what I do– because I really do. I want my listeners to see a girl who is kind and loves hard, but also doesn’t let people walk all over her. A bad ass woman.”

BOOKING: gyorkmusic@yahoo.com

Instagram/Facebook: @graycieyorkmusic


Kenna Danielle- Neo-Traditional Country 

Kenna’s played music for 8 years around the Conroe and Lubbock area, having just moved to Fort Worth. She’s been a top contestant in many songwriter’s competitions including our own. Kenna’s opened for Michael Martin Murphey, Mike Ryan, Josh Ward, Bri Bagwell, Koe Wetzel, Austin Meade, Micky & the Motorcars, Chris Knight and more. Her influences include Kacey Musgraves, Jim Croce, Merle Haggard, Miranda Lambert and Ray Wylie Hubbard.

What Kenna wants her listeners to hear when listening to her music: “I want my listeners to see a hardworking individual who strives to bring people together through song. ”

BOOKING: kenna@kennadanielle.com

WEBSITE: kennadanielle.com

SOCIALS: @kennadaniellemusic (Facebook), @kennadanielle_ (Instagram)


Madison Rodges – Traditional Country/Americana

Rodges is releasing her new single “One More First” on April 3rd, a hopeful love song. She’s sang harmonies with bands that have opened for Turnpike Troubadours, John Michael Montgomery, Deana Carter, Sam Riggs, Johnny Rodriguez, Kimberly Dunn and Jack Ingram. Her influences are classics like Dolly, Loretta and Patsy with writing inspiration from John Baumann and Jason Isbell.

What Rodges wants her listeners to hear when listening to her music: “When I was a little girl, my grandpa always told me he hoped I would be a light to the world with whatever I do in life. When I started singing and writing, I hoped that I would be able to do just that and shine a light with what I was writing about. Music heals, and I hope when people listen to me they hear what they’re searching for.”

BOOKING:  madisonrodgesmusic@gmail.com

WEBSITE: madisonrodges.com

Facebook/Instagram: @madisonrodgesmusic


Anna Stockdale- Americana

Stockdale released an outlaw and campfire stories EP called “Heartless” this past October. She’s opened for Gary P. Nunn, Jon Wolfe, Josh Ward, Monte Montgomery and more. Stockdale’s inspirations include William Clark Green, Robert Earl Keen, Evan Felker, Pat Green, and James Taylor.

What Stockdale wants her listeners to hear when listening to her music: “Hopefully they hear a damn good story. All I want is to write something that’s true for me that other people relate to. I think that’s really our job as songwriters and performers, to tell the truth and to put into words what people are thinking or feeling, or to just entertain them and distract from what’s tough in life, even if it’s only for a few minutes. If I can do that, then I’ve done my job right.”

BOOKING: Booking@annastockdale.com

WEBSITE: annastockdale.com

SOCIALS: @theannastockdale (Facebook), @annastockdalemusic (Instagram)


Madelin Mae- Songwriter/Storyteller

Mae’s released single “Cactus Company” last month, a song that drew me to her at our 2019 TMP Seminar. She’ll also release single “Dear Lynchburg” next month. She works with RamTV and Ram Radio where she has her own program she created called Sounds From the Underground, which helps promote musicians to local businesses in San Angelo and the west Texas area. Jamie Lin Wilson, Bri Bagwell, Courtney Patton, Tyler Childers, Dolly Parton, and Hank Williams Sr. are among her music inspirations. Madelin’s currently interested in becoming a signed songwriter while pursuing her own music, as well.

What Madelin wants her listeners to hear when listening to her music: “I want to be a good storyteller that keeps the audience captivated. When I perform live, I love having an intimate show where I can share stories, and we can all laugh and dance together. I want to be an artist whose music brings people together and bookmarks moments of their lives.”

BOOKING: Madelinmaemusic@gmail.com

SOCIALS: @madelinmusic (Facebook), @madelinmaemusic (Instagram)


Jackie Darlene- Americana

This DFW based artist will release her highly anticipated first full length album sometime this summer via Edlo Records/Thirty Tigers. She described her sound as “bedroom rock” and Americana with a hint of blues. She’s played with Kaitlin Butts and Courtney Patton, and opened for Wade Bowen, Mike Ryan and Will Hoge. Her biggest inspirations are Lori Mckenna, Phoebe Bridgers and Jason Isbell.

What Jackie wants her listeners to hear when listening to her music: “I want people to know they are not alone in their pain through my songs. For me, music is about connection. That’s one thing that’s always made me feel really good about being a full time singer/songwriter.”

BOOKING: brazosriverbooking@gmail.com

WEBSITE: jackiedarlene.com

SOCIALS: @jackiedarlenemusic


Natalie Price- Indie Americana

Price recently released a Tiny Desk NPR video to single “The Island” which debuts late Spring. She’s an Austin-based artist who’s shared sets with David Ramirez and Grace Pettis. Price’s interpretation of Americana is skewed towards the pop/indie sector with a little folk here and there. Her inspirations include David Ramirez, Grace Pettis, First Aid Kit, Pedro the Lion, Muse, Radiohead, Brad Paisley, and Lori McKenna.

What Price wants her listeners to hear when listening to her music: “There’s real darkness and brokenness in the world. And there’s hope in the midst of it all. ”

BOOKING: natpricebooking@gmail.com

WEBSITE: natpricemusic.com

SOCIALS: @natpricemusic


Jessi England- Americana/Rock

England is releasing her debut EP “Love in Motion” in the next couple of months. Magnolia Motor Lounge is her second home, having played at venues like Blaine’s Pub, Blue Light Live and Blue Light Dallas, as well. She also recorded a duet and background vocals for Tanner Usrey’s “Medicine Man” album. England is a huge Glen Hansard and Lori McKenna fan. Lately she’s had Night Traveler, Taylor Swift’s Lover album, and Ingrid Andress on repeat.

What England wants her listeners to hear when listening to her music: “I hope people associate me with having well crafted, relatable and honest songs. I’d love for people to hear this new record and go ‘Man, that’s fucking cool. That’s a vibe.’ And then when they come to check out a show, leave as a fan, saying that I delivered.”

BOOKING: jessienglandmusic@gmail.com

SOCIALS: @jessienglandmusic (Facebook), @jessi_england (Instagram)


Autumn Ragland- Songwriter/Americana

Autumn’s band Ragland recently released album “More Like a Melody,” produced by Mike McClure. It has a whopping 20 tracks reflecting the four seasons to include 4 instrumental tracks. The Oklahoma native has headlined Cain’s Ballroom and has placed high in several songwriter’s competitions such as ours. Autumn says she gets “dragged” for her musical inspiration, Taylor Swift. She has always strived to be as honest as Swift’s songwriting, as hard of a worker, and stand up for what is right even if it might hurt her professionally.

What Autumn wants her listeners to hear when listening to her music: “I wish people would see me disconnected from my gender. People say things like, ‘I don’t even like girl singers, but I like you,’ or ‘you’re pretty good for a girl. You don’t see that a lot.’ I can’t stand when someone tears another woman down to compliment me. Everyone you meet is trying to tell you that you sound EXACTLY like whoever they think is the most famous female vocalist they know. I’m never allowed to be my own person in the eyes of the public. I’d mainly just love to have people connect with me and my music. My biggest goal is to use my platform for change and give people something to relate to and feel connected with.”

BOOKING: ragland755@gmail.com

WEBSITE: raglandmusic.net

SOCIALS: @raglandmusic918 (Facebook), @raglandmusic (Instagram)


Presley Haile- Red Dirt

Haile is new in the music scene, having only one year of experience. However, she’s won and placed in songwriter competitions like Buck Fuffalo’s Family Christmas and Larry Joe Taylor’s. Haile’s even opened for Wade Bowen. Her brother is her musical inspiration.

What Haile wants her listeners to hear when listening to her music: “[I want my listeners to hear] someone who isn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty, not just an 18 year old girl; a true musician.”

SOCIALS: @presleylynhaile (Facebook), @presley_haile (Instagram)

Author: Taylor Ashlynn

Western Fashion Stylist, Funky Florist, Branding Aficionado, Southwestern Painter, & a big big fan of the harmonica! You can find me anywhere at @PinaTaylotta.

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