102 of our Favorite Sad, Slow, and Heart-Tugging Texas/Red Dirt Tunes of 2018

When the weather turns cold, one of our favorite things to do is to find a nice bottle of whiskey, build a fire outside, and listen to sad, slow, emotional, heart-tugging songs. You know the kind of tunes that that make you close your eyes and wail along when you’re a couple drinks in.  The tunes that talk you in to having one more drink and staying by the fire just a little longer.  The tunes that talk to your soul and press on the those heartstrings in all the ways that hurt so good.  The tunes that may or may not put a tear in your eye, make you yell the lyrics or put goosebumps on your arm. 

There’s something so specially about a song that can impart such strong emotions on the listener and are no doubt our favorite kind of songs!   So we’ve put together a playlist of our favorite sad, slow, and/or heart-tugging songs from 2018. Enjoy, or don’t 🙂 !



Playlist Track Listing

Aaron Watson – Higher Ground

American Aquarium – One Day at a Time

American Aquarium – Shadows of You

Ben Danaher – Getting Over Someone

Ben Kadlecek – Whiskey Tears

Bo Armstrong – Strangers

Bo Armstrong – Love and Leave

Bri Bagwell – Cheat on Me

Bri Bagwell – Empty Chairs

Cameran Nelson – Pictures on the Wall

Canaan Bryce – Back to Square One

Carson McHone – Sad

Carter Sampson  – All I Got

Charley Crockett – Lonesome as a Shadow

Chris Colston- Drive

Chris Colston – Gone

Cody Barnett – Cherokee Blood

Cody Jinks – Colorado

Cody Jinks – Stranger

Cody Johnson -Dear Rodeo

Cody Sparks -13 Folds

Colby Keeling – Whatever It Takes

Corey Hunt – Shelby Jean

Corey Kane – Hurting Side

Cory Morrow – Always and Forever

Courtney Patton – Devil’s Hand

Courtney Patton – 14 Years

Darby Sparkman – Used vs Wasted

Darrin Morris Band – Never Knew Texas

Drew Moreland – Prayer of an Outlaw

Dustin Sonnier -Drinkin’ Alone

Dylan Wheeler  – Mirror

Dylan Wheeler -Wondering

Erick Willis – Not Everything’s a Song

Erick Willis – Broken Man

Folk Soul Revival – Losing Kind

Gabe Garcia – She’s Goodbye

Garett Bryan – Deon, Delray & Daddy

Garett Bryan – Damaged Diana

Garrett Bryan – Alaska

Hayden Baker – How It Used To Be

Hayden Haddock – Don’t Bother Calling

Heather Morgan – Borrowed Heart

Heather Morgan – Arms of a Lion

Hunter Hathcoat – Run This Town

Isaac McClung – I am Shame

Jacob McCoy – All I Need

Jade Marie Patek – Damn the Rain

Jake Bush – If These Walls Could Talk

James Steinle – Leaving Ft. Worth

James Steinle -Pictures

Jamie Lin Wilson – Death & Life

Jamie Lin Wilson – Instant Coffee Blues

Jason Boland – Hard Times are Relative

Jason Eady – Always a Woman

Jason Eady – I Travel On

Jeremy Harris – Swinging Doors (Empty Pillows)

Jeremy Harris – Colorado

Jody Booth – Carolina

Jody Booth – Hurricane

Jordan Nix & the Day Drinker- Carolina

Jordan Nix & the Day Drinker – My First Love

Josh Grider – Pictures Do

Josh Ward – One More Shot of Whiskey

Josh Ward – Say Hello to Goodbye

Josh Ward – The Devil Don’t Scare Me

Kayla Ray – Yesterday and Me

Koe Wetzel  – Austin

Kolby Cooper- Take it From Hank

Kolton Moore – I’ll Still Miss You

Mason Lively – Hard to Let Go

Mason Lively – Worth the Fall

Mason Marek – Lightning Strikes

Mason Marek – Love You (To the Moon and Back)

Matt Caldwell – Lights Out

Mike and the Moonpies               – The Worst Thing

Mike Donnell – Mr. Wrong

Presley Phillips – Love and Bad Habits

Randall King – Takin’ Me  A Heartbreak

Randall King – One More Won’t Hurt

Randall King – Reason to Quit

Randall King – Mirror Mirror

Red Shahan – Idle hands

Red Shahan – Culberson County

Robert Ray – Drunk Enough

Ryan Bingham – Wolves

Shea Abhsier & the Nighthowlers – Something Sacred

Shea Abshier & the Nighthowlers – Wash Away

Shotgun Rider – The Night Don’t Love You

Shotgun Rider – Lucky Him

Stoney Laure – You Oughta Know Me

Stryker Brothers – Quiet Town

Styker Brothers – Wrong Time

Tanner Fenoglio – Anymore

The Dirty River Boys – Break

Tom McElvain – Crank Thinking

Wade Bowen – So Long 6th Street

Wade Bowen – Broken Glass

Wade Bowen – Anchor

William Clark Green – Drunk Again

William Clark Green – I Miss You

Zach Coffey – Nobody Frames the Bad Days

Zach Nytomt  – Troubadour

Author: Chris Fox

Music addict, a sucker for heartbreak songs, and avid Houston sports fan! I'am also the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Music Pickers.

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