Jerrod Flusche “Fans The Flames” With His Latest Single.

While you’ve probably seen Jerrod Flusche jamming on the main stage as a phenomenal guitarist with several well-known acts in the Texas/ Red dirt scene, Flusche has recently started pursuing a solo career and us Pickers are 100% here for it.

Flusche released a new single today, “Fan The Flames” and while his other recent releases have been exceptional, we believe he has officially found his sound with this heavy hitter.

“It’s about realizing your toxic traits and insecurities and how they can affect you and the ones around you,” says Flusche.

This is one of the most descriptive narratives we’ve heard from Flusche, and it definitely has us excited to see what the future holds for this extremely talented singer/songwriter.

“Fan The Flames” is now available on all music platforms. Go give it a listen!



Author: Jodi Cockrell

Contributor for Texas Music Pickers|Production Manager|High Pines Media

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