25 New Songs To Add To Your Playlist

Here are 25 new songs to add to your playlist!  You can also find them all, plus many more, here on our TMP spotify Playlist!


Cody JohnsonFenceposts, Long Haired Country Boy, Monday Morning Merle, Dear Rodeo

With the weather cooling down and getting brisk here in Texas, this EP filled with Johnson’s crisp country sound could not have come at a more perfect time. The rest of the album in January can’t come soon enough; however, these 5 tracks will sure keep CoJo fans saddled up well until then.

The EP kicks off with the current hit “On My Way to You” followed by “Dear Rodeo”. This track’s personal message will instantly tug on the heart-strings of you cowboys and girls as the former rodeo cowboy belts out killer notes about the heartaches that come with “the dream of a buckle”. “Monday Morning Merle” is a song filled with sweet country classics used to describe the habit of a broken heart that leans on “whiskey remedies and those old-school melodies you can’t forget”. CoJo and the band then crank it up with “Long Haired Country Boy”. Electric guitar riffs and country fiddle tie together hints of gospel with a whole lot of country rock. The singing cowboy leaves us with another feel-good porch pickin’ tune and a romantic proposal called “Fenceposts”. – Christina

Extra Info: New EP, “On My Way To You” was already on the playlist


Flatland Cavalry – Living By The Moonlight

A new Flatland tune!! “Living by the Moonlight” impresses with its ability to be dark and mysterious yet, lively and vibrant. It seems to capture that feeling of the half excitement, half anxiety we often feel when being up in the wee hours of night. For every bit of grim introspection in the lyrics, there’s also thrill and allure captured in the instrumentation and production, which displays the battle of “killing [one’s self], just to feel alive” perfectly. – Chris

Extra Info:  New Single, New Album Expected



Josh Ward – Ain’t it Baby

Josh Ward just has a way of striking right in the heart of soul of country music enthusiasts. “Ain’t it Baby” is a good, ole country love song.  It’s straight to the point and conveys the sentiment with strong twangy vocals, crisp, neo-traditional music, and heart-felt lyrics. This is song that sets the scene when you’re parked out by the lake, sitting on your tailgate with your loved one, and looking up at the stars. – Chris

Extra Info: New Radio Single



Deryl Dodd W/ Wade Bowen – Sundown

One of our favorite songs from Dodd, the single is from the “Long Hard Ride” album; where Dodd revisits his catalog and invites an impressive collection of his Texas/Red Dirt friends to transform them in to duets. With a love for the song already, we dig Bowen’s complimentary vocals and the difference the featured artist makes to the song all-around – Chris

Extra Info: New Single



Sean McConnell – Second Hand Smoke

It’s amazing that no matter how high of a standard you hold for Sean McConnell’s songwriting, he never ceases to impress you. The way he centralizes the entire song on a smell that transports him in to a different time and place and the richness of the picture he paints showcases why he’s one of the most respected songwriters connected to our scene. With the release of the single, also came the announcement that the song was not only the lead single from his upcoming album, but also the title track! The album is currently available for presale and is set for release February 8th, 2019! – Chris

Extra Info:  New Single, New Album Coming



Jamie Lin Wilson – Death & Life

Jamie Lin Wilson released a bad ass record last week.  The project is full of honest songwriting, graceful vocals, and emotion-inducing stories. Our favorite of the album is “Death & Life”. Diving in to the cyclical nature of young and old and what lies before and after, Wilson’s songwriting prowess is on full display. The word choice, allegories, and stories all combine for a powerfully moving song. The spirited rhythm and cadence package the message in a way that delivers it right to the heart of the listener. – Chris

Extra Info:  New Album, “The Being Gone” and “Oklahoma Stars” were already on the playlist



Cameran Nelson – Fast Enough

Cameron Nelson dropped the 3rd installment of his latest project last week (1st Gear, 2nd Gear, and 3rd Gear), and it contains one of favorites. “Fast Enough” is fun, energetic, and one you can crank up! We dig the heavy guitars, sing along chorus, and passionate delivery! – Chris

Extra Info:  New EP, 


The Dirty River Boys – Cheyenne, Break

The Dirty River Boys just released some new tunes, and we’re excited to add a few of them to our playlist! “Cheyenne” is a fast paced, foot-stompin’, string pickin’ tune that makes you move. We love the energy and instrumentation on this one. “Break” is a slower and more serious tune about struggling to let someone go, even though there not good for us. We dig the originality in these tracks and that Dirty River Boys signature sound!

Extra Info: New Album, “Backside of Uppers” was already on the playlist


David Adam Byrnes – Beer Bucket List

On top of the inspiring message of the song, we really dig the crisp neo-traditional sound! From the first fiddle lick you know you’re in for a ride of good music and Byrnes’ rich twang drives every word home! Between the tempo of the track and the way the chorus grabs you by the ears, you can’t help but find yourself singing along after a few plays. Are you taking notes “mainstream”? This is country music! – Chris

Extra Info: New Single



Heather Morgan – Borrowed Heart, Arms of a Lion

Richardson, Texas native Heather Morgan really impresses in her debut album, “Borrowed Heart”. She’s poignant, strong, and doesn’t hold anything back. “Arms of a Lion” and “Borrowed Heart” both present songs you can close your eyes and get lost in. With each word it’s hard not sink further and further in to the track. It’s no wonder she has credits not only on the albums of artists like Keith Urban, Brett Eldredge and Sara Evans, but also Texas stars like Eli Young, Randy Rogers, and Sunny Sweeney. 

Extra Info: New Album


Austin Meade – Satan & St Paul

Whenever up-and-comers cover a popular song from another artist, it’s always an uphill battle to make that song sound like their own; but that’s exactly what Austin Meade does in his take on John Fulbright’s “Satan and St. Paul”. Meade puts his own spin on this earthy Americana song with an amped up, indie rock version. Meade’s strong delivery and the heavy instrumentation push the song as far as it can go and add some weight to the apocalyptic vibe of the song.  We dig it! – Chris

Extra Info: New Single



Holly Tucker – The Finer Things

When I hit play on the new single, Tucker’s smooth vocals began to fill the song with a “rich” quality that made the lyrics take a life of their own. I then thought about how Tucker had won our 2017 TMP Songwriting Contest, and had blown away the judges with these same powerful and smooth vocals. The song’s lyrics gives us a reminder to focus on how we look at things…is the glass half full or half empty? Isn’t it true as well that sometimes our life’s simple given blessings: good kids, turn into even greater blessings: great parents. The hook in the chorus brings it all together in context with this, “you’re not rich till you get something money can’t buy, and money can’t buy the finer things”.

A great song with meaning, a great melody and one more “finer thing” Holly Tucker can add to her loaded portfolio of great singles. The track is the lead single for her upcoming EP, set for release in late 2019. – Steve

Extra Info: New Single


Darrin Morris – Never Knew Texas

I’m always a sucker for breakups songs that don’t hold anything back, and Darrin Morris Band’s “Never Knew Texas” is just that. Metaphorically driven, bleak, and bitter, I can’t help but envision someone sitting in a cold empty house, by the fire-place, drinking whiskey, and reflecting on his mistakes while listening to this song.

Extra Info:  New Radio Single



Chad Cooke Band – Life Behind Bars

Chad Cooke released his sophomore album, “Risk it All” and it certainly caught our attention. Our *PICK* of the album,, “Life Behind Bars” is a clever track that describes the tough life spent in bars and does so with a damn good sound.  Good luck not hitting play over and over again. This is for all those bar keeps that know just how impactful their jobs can be at times! – Christina


Extra Info: New Album, “Whatever it Takes” was already on the playlist


Jon Stork – One Night Stand

We love the foot-stomping energy and the fun mixture of honky-tonk and southern rock of Jon Stork’s new single “One Night Stand”! This one gets in your bones and makes you move! We dig the unique take on the “one night stand” concept and how it’s creatively applied to the relationship between an audience and band. Smart, fun, and complete, what else are looking for in a song prime for a beer-drinkin’ Saturday night? – Chris

Extra Info: New Single



Trent Cowie Band – She Don’t Like Roses

It’s always something special when the debut track of an artist catches our attention, and Trent Cowie Band’s “She Don’t like Roses” did just that. The track has a smooth Texas country sound and a chorus that sticks with you after listening. We’re anxious to hear more from this newly formed South East Texas band!

Extra Info:  New Single



Lane Smith – Our Song, Honey

21-year-old Lane Smith just dropped his debut EP and we see potential all over it. An original sound, good variety and honest songwriting has certainly put this Stephenville resident on our radar. Here are two of our favorites:

Extra info: New EP



The Lawless – Lightning, Chambers

We’ve been anticipating an album from The Lawless ever since we came across them earlier this year, and their debut record “Lost Out There” gave us exactly what we were hoping for! Heavy with electric guitar, opening track “Lightning” hits listeners with firm bass and hard keys which appear throughout the album. “Chambers” presents a lighter tune with lyrics about hometown debauchery that falls onto steady, upbeat rhythms. If you’re looking for a band to rock out to, look no further! – Taylor

Extra Info: New Album


You can also find them all, plus many more, here on our TMP spotify Playlist!

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