26 New Songs Worth Adding to Your Playlist

Here are the 26 songs we’ve added to our TMP Spotify Playlist the last few weeks!  You can find them, and many more here on our TMP Spotify Playlist

Turnpike Troubadours – Pay No Rent

The Turnpike Troubadours'”Pay No Rent” was our favorite from their 2017 album “A Long Way From Your Heart”! A co-write with John Fullbright, the moving tune is a tribute to Felker’s aunt who passed away two years ago year. The powerful lyrics paint a touching story of good memories and well-wishes that cuts right through to the listener’s heartstrings. The song offers the perfect balance of thoughtful remembrance through a tragic loss. It’s amazing how many emotions this song embodies, and how well it captures the complexity of the situation. Every time I listen to the song, all I can think is….wow… – Chris

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Josh Abbott Band – I’m Your Only Flaw

The soft-pickin’ “I’m Your Only Flaw” is one of our favorites from Abbott’s 2017 “Until My Voice Goes Out”! We love the heartfelt lyrics and vulnerability in the message. Having someone in our lives that we feel is way too good to be with us, is something many of us can relate to. The tune is easy to embrace, easy on the ears, and easy to hit repeat on once it’s over. – Chris

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William Clark Green – Goner

William Clark Green gave us a hell of an album earlier this year with “Hebert Island”. Among the stand out songs was “Goner”. A Co-write with Ross Cooper, the track dives into rocky relationships and love lost. We dig the edge to this one and the complimentary hard-hitting instrumentation.  William Clark Green does it again! – Chris

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Hayes Carll – None’Ya

“None’ya” is a warm, fun, and real look at the maturation of love. Hayes Carll paints a rich picture and honest characters that capture you and hold you all the way through. How do you not love Carll’s signature storytelling style? We can’t wait to hear the rest of the new album! – Chris

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Shane Smith & the Saints – Mountain Girl

Shane Smith and the Saints always have a way of speaking to our soul, so we’ve been eagerly anticipating new tunes from the 5 piece… and the wait is finally over! “Mountain Girl” dropped two weeks ago and we haven’t stopped listening since. We love the driving beat of the instrumentation, Smith’s rich vocals, and the captivating lyrics. The colorful topographical picture, wisdom offered, and speculation on past strangers on top of a rhythmic chorus and full sound make for one hell of a song! We can’t wait to hear this one live (but which SSATS song do you not want to hear live??). – Chris

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Stoney Larue – You Oughta Know Me

Stoney has been a long time favorite here at TMP and we’re absolutely loving his newest release “You Oughta Know Me”! Between the signature vocals, bluesy feel, and colorful lyrics you can’t help but fall for this one! We dig the vibe, style, and the hook that you can’t help but sing along to. – Chris

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Kylie Rae Harris – What the Heart Wants

Kylie Rae Harris returned to the studio after six years and damn did she deliver! “What the Heart Wants” is the track your playlist needs offering relatable conflicted lyrics ringing with a vibrant sound. I love the fresh energy and vocal sound. Stay tuned…Harris says there’s even more new music coming! -Christina

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Chris Colston – Drive (Acoustic)

Originally written by Oklahoma native Ben McKenzie, “Drive” is a slower, more intimate song than much of Colston’s previous collection. Without Colston’s usual cranked up guitars and heavy drums, the track gives fans a deeper look in the Lindale, Texas native and offers something a little different with long notes and heavy keys. This one may enter through the ears, but between the powerful vocals, passionate delivery, and weighted lyrics, it quickly finds its way to the soul! – Chris

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Carson McHone – Maybe They’re Just Really Good Friends

Carson McHone is one of a kind keeping old-school country alive. “Maybe They’re Just Really Good Friends” is a playful toe-tapper/skirt swinger with McHone’s quality vocals adding a real depth. While I can’t get enough of the entire album “Carousel”, this track and its instrumentation is such a fun addition to the playlist. -Christina

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Kylie Frey – Ain’t Enough Beer

So excited to get our ears on new music from Kylie Frey! She serves a round of sober-minded truth with “Ain’t Enough Beer” and we’re soaking up every drop. The vocals, attitude, and awareness in this song are too good not to absorb. There “ain’t enough” good things to say about this empowering track. -Christina

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Copper Chief – Body Aches

The party of the playlist: Copper Chief! The guys bring country soul then crank the passion and rock-n-roll all the way up with “Body Aches” muscling relatable and electric descriptions of heartbreak. Warning: this track stimulates a sensation that hurts so good. -Christina

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Carter Sampson – Anything Else To Do, Peaches, Ten Penny Nail, Queen of the Silver Dollar

We were blown away by Carter Sampson’s new album “Lucky”. It’s not only something you want to hear but also something you want to listen to. We’re impressed; we’re fans, and 100% on the Carter Sampson bandwagon. I’m just going to put it out there… this is one of my favorite albums from an up-and-coming artist this year. If you’re looking for a singer/songwriter to dive in to, look no further. She’s the real deal. – Chris

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Dylan Wheeler – Wondering, Mirror

With his recent EP debut titled Tell Me If I’m Wrong, Dylan Wheeler has delivered quality songwriting with undeniable vocal talent. He also adds a different flavor with his style and vocal range that we really dig. Within a matter of weeks, these two tracks together have already over 14K Spotify streams! Check out the rest of the EP, you won’t be disappointed. -Christina

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Joshua Ray Walker – Canyon

Joshua Ray Walker is set to release his debut EP Wish You Were Here on January 25, 2019, and we love what we hear so far! There is an intimacy that pours out of the new single “Canyon”….one that makes you feel like you’re right there with Walker as he picks his guitar and tells this weathered tale. Walker’s words will have you falling into the depths of wonder, loss, regret, and love. -Christina

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Robert Ray – Run Away With You

We just love this Alice, TX honky tonker, Robert Ray! He brings such a smooth sound to the scene with his two-steppin’ tracks…his music was made for dancehalls. “Run Away With You” is another you can get lost on the dancefloor with. This one spins traditional vocals at a mid-tempo beat as fiddle rifts chase Ray’s poetically daring lyrics. -Christina

Extra Info:  Run Away With You


James Cook – Foaming at the Mouth, Wake the Dead

James Cook has one of the most original and coolest styles out there. I really dig his songwriting, originality and just how complimentary everything always is in his songs. The music, the production, the songwriting, the vibe, etc…are always cohesive and offer a complete listening experience. Cook just released a new album, “Tall Tales of a Brown Buffalo” and here are our favorite two. – Chris

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Jade Marie Patek – Damn the Rain

Sad, melodic, and soulful…this is my kind of song! We really dug Jade Marie Patek’s debut EP, and “Damn the Rain” was a no brainer to add to our playlist. Close your eyes, get lost in it, and sway along. Keep your eye on her, she’s going to be making some noise for many years to come. – Chris

Extra Info: New EP



Hayden Baker – How it Used to be

Hayden Baker, up and coming singer/songwriter/guitarist out of Katy, TX just dropped his debut EP Born in the Wrong Generation! This lead single “How It Used to Be” is in perfect harmony with the EP’s theme of nostalgia. Overall Baker’s tunes offer a great traditional sound and are a reminder of why we love our country music! -Christina

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Abe Mac Band – Crazy

“Crazy” is easy on the ears and such a feel-good song! El Paso, TX native Abe Mac sings to us about love and the little things that truly capture all of the senses. If you’re looking for a warm love song for you and yours this winter season, well here you go! Check out the romantic music video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn-_lzvuXCk. -Christina

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Jeremy Harris – Swinging Doors (Empty Pillows)

Off his recently released EP Rocky Mountain Wind, we are really digging Jeremy Harris’ “Swinging Doors (Empty Pillows)” single. Traditional themed lyrics set to slick country instrumentals give the track a good ol’ throwback feel. There’s no way the dancefloor will be empty if this track comes on. Word has it you can hear Harris’ rich deep vocals live in Deep Ellum (Dallas)! -Christina

Extra Info:  New EP


Darby Sparkman – Drink With Jones

We are really digging Darby Sparkman’s sound and songwriting! “Drink with Jones” is one of our favorites from her debut EP Slow Songs and Cigarettes. This track offers deep rooted country lyrics and is perfect for you steel guitar lovers. As for her vocals? Beautifully badass. We are looking forward to hearing more from this up and comer! -Christina

Extra Info:  New EP



You can find them, and many more here on our TMP Spotify Playlist

Author: TMP Team

26 thoughts on “26 New Songs Worth Adding to Your Playlist

  1. I just love Abe Mac Band in “Crazy” has so much meaning. A great dancing song. Added to my playlist.

  2. Crazy by Abe Mac is absolutely one of my favorite songs. He is such a talented artist and an amazing song writer….. Keepin it country

  3. Abe Mac Band is awesome! “Crazy” is just one of their many great songs!! Love me some Abe Mac music!! <3 <3

  4. Abe Mac Band is amazing!!! Crazy is such a great song, Abe is a talented songwriter and has an amazing voice!! His band is fire and I love it when they come to my hometown to play!!

  5. Crazy by Abe Mac Band is an amazing song. Abe and the band are amazing Musicians as well as amazing people. I love that he sticks to his guns and keeps it true country

  6. Crazy by Abe Mac is such a great song. He truly is an amazing artist. He continues to amaze us with his beautiful talent! It’s great to see his song on this list. Good Job!

  7. Abe Mac is an extremely talented singer & songwriter. And he is equally a great entertainer. After hearing his latest single “Crazy” you will soon find yourself singing this great tune over & over throughout your day. Looking forward to more music from the Abe Mac Band and more recognition for them

  8. I absolutely LOVE the song “Crazy” by Abe Mac Band… I loved the song since the very 1st time I heard him play it. Abe Mac is just talented overall. I love allllll his music! Can’t wait to hear new songs!

  9. The Abe Mac Band is legit. Keeping his sound true and classic country! Crazy is just another great song that Abe has written. Way to go Abe, love it! #lovemesomeclassiccountry

  10. Abe Mac Band – their song CRAZY speaks volumes about life. The song that touches my soul. Talent is an understatement.

  11. Abe Mac band is where it’s at… great vocal and guitar talent altogether from the frontman.

  12. Abe Mac Band you doing such a great job don’t stop sharing such a great and melodious songs .your band is very energetic and doing a great work..impressive

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