29 Texas/Red Dirt Tunes that are Worth Adding to Your Playlist!

Here are the 29 songs we’ve added to our TMP Spotify Playlist the last few weeks!  You can find them, and many more here on our TMP Spotify Playlist


Randy Rogers Band – Crazy People 

“Crazy People” is the exact kind of tease that drives us wild for Randy Rogers Band’s new album. This single has an upbeat and relatable charm to it. This is definitely a windows down, speakers blasting kind of tune. – Taylor

Extra Info:  New Single, Upcoming Album


Ryan Bingham – Wolves, Beautiful and Kind

Ryan Bingham is a staple musician for wild souls & honky tonkers alike. “Wolves” is a melodic declaration of strength in a gritty tone. “Beautiful and Kind” hits you hard with the blues of trials and tribulations. These are killer tracks of a truth binding album. – Taylor

Extra Info:   New Album


Hayes Carll – Wild Pointy Finger, American Dream

Hayes Carll is one of the best storytellers of our time. His ability to say so much with few words remains uncanny. His latest album “What It Is” is 12 tracks of masterful songwriting, powerful insight, and great songs. Here are two of our favorites! – Chris

Extra Info:  New Album, “None’ya” was already on the playlist




Sean McConnell – Another Song About a Broken Heart, Shakey Bridges 

McConnell really showcases his ability to say what we all feel with his latest release. Shaky Bridges is bold, full of emotion and that, combined with and a meaningful message will take you right to church.- Jodi

Extra info: New Album, “Greetings From Niagra Falls” and “Second Hand Smoke” are already on the playlist




Jason Cassidy – Tired of Missing You

We’re really digging Jason Cassidy’s new one “Tired of Missing You”! We love the heartfelt message and how personal the song is. The toe-tapping rhythm and those signature southern vocals really drive it home! – Chris

Extra Info:  New Single



Kylie Rae Harris – Big Ol’ Heartache

Amazing voices often transport me to a live show in music-video-type of setting. Every time I hear Harris’ pristine vocals, without failure I find my self watching her belt out the words on the front porch of a farmhouse. Every song from her always manages to come out elegant yet powerful. She gives you everything you ask for in a song, yet keeps it understated, letting the quality of her voice and lyrics do all the work. – Chris

Extra info: New Single, Upcoming EP



Mario Flores – That Man

Mario Flores’ “That Man” is strong, bold, and straight from the heart. We love the well thought out instrumentation and love the way the song builds into the rhythmic chorus. We predict this one will be another #1 on the radio charts for Flores! – Chris

Extra Info:  New Album


Erick Willis – Tensaw, Never Thought Twice

Erick Willis proves once again there is beauty in simplicity. Give the man a guitar and let him work his magic. His latest EP ” Tapes from the Road Vol. 1,” has four solid tracks and we’re already hoping a “Vol. 2” is in the works. – Jodi

Extra Info: New EP


Holly Tucker – Country Music Won’t Let Me

Holly Tucker came out swinging on this one! Wow! We love the songwriting and those powerful pipes! We think this is the best song Tucker has ever put out! – Chris

Extra Info:  New Single



Austin Meade- Savannah

“Savannah” is a catchy single with a memorable melody & calming vocals from Austin Meade. We love the easy going progression of this tune. – Taylor

Extra Info:  New Single



Jake Ward – Put You Down Tomorrow

Jake Ward is back with a new tune and it’s one of his best yet! The hard-hitting instrumentation of “Put You Down Tomorrow” and the infectious rhythm gets right in your bones, have you singing along with the end of the chorus – “….put you down tomorrow..” -.before the end of the first playthrough! We can’t wait to catch this one live! – Chris

Extra Info: New Single



Wynn Williams – Man What a Woman

Wynn Williams is saving country music one tune at a time. “Man What a Woman” is a fun-loving two-stepper Williams co-wrote with Roger Brown (who also produced the single). Williams tells us this track is the first of a fourteen track project to be released this year so y’all stay tuned! -Christina

Extra Info: New Single



Sum Brothers – Rebecca’s Moon

The Womack Brothers are staples of the Texas scene and we love their collaboration project “Sum Brothers”. Of their album “Brownwood” we’re really digging “Rebecca’s Moon”! Between the fantastic songwriting, great vocals, and toe-tapping rhythm it’s no wonder why this one is the most streamed and rising up our Texas Music Spotify Chart! -Chris

Extra info: New Album


Joshua Ray Walker – Lot Lizard

Joshua Ray Walker done went and GOT ME with those falsetto notes in the chorus of “Lot Lizards.” This songwriter single gives me a 70’s folk Americana vibe. It’s sure to end up on repeat and stuck in your head. – Taylor

Extra Info:  New Album, “Canyon” is already on the playlist.



Jordan Nix & the Day Drinkers – Cold and Lonely, Love is Hard

I’ve been hooked on Jordan Nix & the Day Drinkers since their debut single “Gas Station Flowers” and am impressed with the new flavor that is this “Cold & Lonely” EP. It’s evident Nix pushed himself lyrically and vocally with this new project. “Cold & Lonely” and “Love is Hard”, a duet featuring singer-songwriter Hannah Kay, are chilling and beautifully raw. -Christina

Extra info:  New EP




Wight Lighters – Heartstrings

I keep saying there is something in the water when it comes to the Okie music scene, and the Wight Lighters are no exception. This catchy upbeat tune will have you singing along after just the first listen. It really is the perfect summer love song.- Jodi

Extra Info:  New Single


Huser Brother Band – Missing You

The Huser Brother Band returns with a fun and edgy single that was an instant playlist add for us! With its electrifying sound and heartfelt lyrics, “Missing You” is another flare to add to the blaze HBB is creating. -Christina

Extra Info: New Single



Buck Fuffalo – Wishing Well

Buck Fuffalo gives us a variety of Americana soul in his debut album with his first radio single, “Wishing Well.” The use of harmonica and grungy vocals grabbed hold of us among the creative lyrics about drug abuse. – Taylor

Extra Info:  New Album



Jared Deck – Where I Fall, Make Your Mama Proud

WARNING: these tracks by Jared Deck will stop you dead in your tracks. “Where I Fall” and “Make Your Mama Proud” tell two different stories yet the emotional and reflective lyrics are equally powerful. Deck’s vocal talent and creativity are outstanding. -Christina

Extra Info: New Album




Kathyrn Legendre – Sit Here and Cry

We’ve been a fan of Kathryn Legendre since coming across her debut EP “Don’t Give a Damn”. Her subtle yet strong vocals grab a hold of you and take you through every lyric. Hit play and soak up every bit of this smooth traditional country music! – Chris

Extra Info:  New Single, Upcoming EP



Trent Cowie Band – Thought of Us

We’ve sure got our eye on the Trent Cowie Band! “Thought of Us” is the second single released from the Magnolia, TX natives. I love the honest, thought-provoking lyrics and Cowie’s vocals. Looking forward to more of them! -Christina

Extra Info: New Single



Zach Romo Band – Breakthrough

“Breakthrough” by the Zach Romo Band is fun and edgy yet incredibly smooth all at the same damn time! The song is from the band’s debut EP and is a jam-worthy playlist add! -Christina

Extra Info:   New Single


Blackland Fever – Honeymoon

We’re digging the fresh and airy sound of Blackland Fever’s new single “Honeymoon”. It has a fun vibe, catchy instrumentation, strong vocals and overall different. The Texas rock band out of Dallas, TX has our attention and definitely keeping an eye on them. – Chris

Extra Info:  New Single


Here are the 29 songs we’ve added to our TMP Spotify Playlist the last few weeks!  You can find them, and many more here on our TMP Spotify Playlist

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