31 New Songs To Add To Your Playlist

Here are the 31 songs we’ve added to our TMP Spotify Playlist the last few weeks!  You can find them, and many more here on our TMP Spotify Playlist

Jon Wolfe – Hang Your Hat on That

Ready to get western? Jon Wolfe’s new radio single sure is one to turn up and sing along to! “Hang Your Hat on That” is such a good love song and has us diving back into his album “Any Night in Texas” for all the right reasons. Wolfe ropes you in with his traditional country references in the songwriting, the passion in his vocals, the crisp sound, and the solid instrumentation. This track is the complete package! -Christina

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Kyle Park – Rio

“Rio”is one of our favorites from Kyle Park’s recently released “Don’t Forget Where You Come From” album. We love the original sound, run rhythm of the chorus, and the way the song dives in to the special bond one can form with their horse. For how relatable the topic is in this genre, the concept seems virtually untapped. So this was a much welcomed song and we’re glad to see that its impacting radio now! -Chris

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Bri Bagwell – Cheat On Me, Empty Chairs

I really enjoyed digging into Bri Bagwell’s entire album  and these two tracks are my favorite! The songs’ vulnerability and clever lyrics make for some of her best work yet. “Cheat on Me” is like no other song you’ve heard this year while “Empty Chairs” wonderfully peels back another layer of Bagwell. (“If You Were A Cowboy” was already on the playlist) -Christina

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Adam Hood – Bayou Girl, Heart of a Queen, Confederate Rose

Adam Hood’s new record “Somewhere in the Middle” is sooo good! Hood’s signature southern vocals, smooth grooves, and fantastic songwriting make for one hell of a record! This is one of those albums you just put in and play all the way through. Adam Hood continues to meld country, southern rock, blues, soul and Americana in the way only he can! (“She Don’t Love Me” was already on the playlist-Chris

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Josh Grider – Pictures Do

Josh Grider stimulates all of your senses with his new radio single “Pictures Do”. This track evocatively describes the power of a picture through a collection of snapshots tied together with a chorus that really sinks in and stays with you. Grider’s dynamics and tone further develop fantastic imagery and emotion making this one feel so personal. I found myself wanting to soak up every line! -Christina

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Stryker Brothers – Ft. Worth Was A Fabulous Waste of Time, Wrong Time

The mysterious Stryker Brothers (who sound a lot like Robert Earl Keen and Randy Rogers…) released an album last month and it’s comprised of solid Texas country, folk, bluegrass, and even gets a little experimental at times. The slower, more heartfelt moments on the project are what really stood out to us, and here are our two favorites examples of that! -Chris

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Erin Enderlin- These Boots

This is the first song I’ve heard from Erin Enderlin and I love the songwriting on “These Boots”! This twangy folk song invites you to step into Enderlin’s reflection of sweet memories tracked and will have you reminiscing of your own boots’ journey by the end. Enderlin’s classic country vocals along with her insightful lyrics have produced an easy-on-the-ears track that is simply good for the soul. -Christina

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Tanner Fenoglio – Anymore, Leaving Midland, Lucky Man

Tanner Fenoglio made quite the splash with his debut album, “This Town”; now he’s following up with another solid album, “Lucky Man”. The intimate songwriting, the personal connection the oozes from track, and rich Texas country sound make this an album worth diving in to. Here are a couple of our favorites. (Interstate was already on the playlist-Chris

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Kimberly Kelly – Don’t Blame Me

We love the alluring groove of Kimberly Kelly’s “Don’t Blame It On Me”. The balance of traditional and contemporary country and passionate delivery give the listener a warm blanket of musical pleasure. The strong vocals on top of the harmonious instrumentation provide a perfect foundation for a smooth country love song. -Chris

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Gabe Garcia – Love Like This, No Way To Treat A Man In Love, As Fast As You Can

Finally…new music from Gabe Garcia! The consistency in his songwriting and his solidified sound are just a few of the reasons I’ve been craving more from this Texas artist. The first two tracks off the new album “Cold Beer and a Suntan” were instant favorites. The charming and romantic “Love Like This” and “Fast As You Can” have heartfelt lyrics that surely are made for sweeping someone off their feet. If you’ve got a playlist dedicated to that someone special go on and give these an add…you can thank us later! Garcia delivers more of his good ol’ classic country two-steppers with “No Way to Treat a Man in Love”. You’re crazy if you sit out dancing to these tunes! -Christina

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Chad Cooke – Whatever It Takes

“Whatever It Takes” is the first single from the Chad Cooke Band’s upcoming album “Risk It All” and this Houston-based crew has a traditional country spirit with a fun modern style that really pours out in their music. The toe-tapping beat, catchy notes, and a very visual lyrical approach…“Whatever It Takes” is fun and exciting! You’ll find yourself going back to this tune again and again. Be sure to check out the new album dropping October 26th! -Christina

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Eddie Saenz – Hometown

Eddie Saenz certainly captured our attention with the release of his debut album “17 Hours” last summer. Our *PICK* of that album, “Hometown”, is filled with rustic nostalgia, vivid imagery, and South Texas twang. Saenz captures the love/hate relationship we often have with our hometowns and the battle many of us go through to escape it.  This one dives in, hits the emotions in all the right places, and puts it all out there for the list for the listener to take in. If you haven’t heard of Eddie Saenz yet, this is the perfect track to get you started! We’re excited to see this one hit radio waves! -Chris

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Canaan Bryce – Back To Square One, Just Stay, Miss May

Canaan Bryce recently dropped his debut EP “Highway 287” and is climbing up the Texas Country Music Spotify Chart with his current single “City Limit Sign”! Bryce’s sound has a real Texas country richness to it and overall we’re digging the style of this promising up-and-comer from Waxahachie. These three favorites are a sample of Bryce’s vocal talents and songwriting skills. “Back to Square One” and “Just Stay” show off a more serious lyricist while the upbeat tune “Miss May”, with fun instrumentation of the fiddle and electric guitar, is a hell of a good time packed into 3 minutes and 47 seconds. Crank this EP up, give it a listen, and remember the name, y’all! -Christina

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Jacob McCoy – Cat and Mouse, Got A Hold On Me, All I Need

The originality in Jacob McCoy’s debut album “Questions” really captured our ear. The intimate feel of each track, well-thought out production, and unique vocals certainly makes the album standout and want to take another listen. There are some fine songwriting moments and overall it’s impressive debut effort! We’ve definitely got our eye (and ear) on this Amarillo, TX native!  –Chris

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Bo Armstrong – Strangers, Thick and Thin, Love and Leave

Bo Armstrong’s impressive debut EP is an intimate 5 track project that blends Americana, singer/songwriter, and Texas grit in an absolutely enjoyable listening experience! Different stories of love unfold throughout the project, yet every song offers something a little different. If you’re looking for a new project and artists to dive in to, here it is! -Chris

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Ben Kadlecek – Whiskey Tears

If you’re looking for a beautiful sad song to add your playlist, up-and-comer Ben Kadlecek has got the one for you! Kadlecek’s talents both as a singer-songwriter and as a pianist really impressed us at this year’s TMP Songwriters Competition. His vocals are powerfully smooth with flares of edgy grit. “Whiskey Tears” is our absolute favorite from his debut EP “Brazos County Bound”!  -Christina

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Tanner Usrey – Daytona Nights

Each time we finish one of these lists, we always wonder who were going to have on the next one that we hadn’t heard of yet…

Prosper, Texas native Tanner Usrey’s debut single, “Daytona Nights” offers a toe-tapping rhythm, interesting story, and a chorus that makes you want to sing along. We’re excited to get in on the ground floor and hope there’s more tunes to come soon! -Chris

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Here are the 31 songs we’ve added to our TMP Spotify Playlist the last few weeks!  You can find them, and many more here on our TMP Spotify Playlist

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